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Tisha Rivera, a multi-talented American actress and producer, is an exemplary mix of beauty and brain. She began taking acting classes as a child and was cast in her first television commercial at age eight. Tisha remains dedicated to working on television and film projects, which includes over two dozen independent films and seven television shows. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA in graduate school, she became a college professor (Psychology) at age 22 and finished her doctoral coursework at age 24. She also contributes as an educator and social worker for developmentally delayed and neglected children. It’s a rare honor to address a bubbling dramatic production artist as “professor” and/or “doctor” and we are excited to post this interview!

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D. 

OpenBeast: Hello Prof. Dr. Tisha and welcome on to OpenBeast. Could you introduce yourself?

Thank you for that warm welcome, Dr. Thompson. I am both humbled and honored to  participate in your interview.
 The three adjectives that I would use to describe myself are: passionate, spiritual, and  overachiever. 

You have been in the movie and modeling business for about a decade now. So far how is the entertainment world treating you?
I believe that just like in anything in life—we get out what we put into it.  I feel like I’ve been  very well-received and have accomplished a great deal in a relatively short period of time. Many  doors have opened for me and continue to do so. I attribute this to all of the effort I made  previously in becoming prepared as a person first, and an actor second. I have built a very solid  bedrock for myself with the help of my family and loved ones. I have never wasted opportunities  that have come my way, including getting an advanced education and nourishing my spirituality.  I am grateful for every aspect of my life. I think that living with this peace of mind reflects in the  person I am and in turn others see this. Being successful in the entertainment business is a result  of hard work, preparation, experience, and ultimately the relationships that are built and  maintained with others. I love to surround myself with other like-minded, genuine, positive  artistic individuals. There is certainly no room for negativity neither in my life nor in my career. I  choose to perceive this business as a positive one and pray it also perceives me in the same  light.

Talk about your best acting gig.

Most of my acting gigs have involved working with passionate, hard-working filmmakers. I get so  excited for others by watching them bring their projects to life from start to finish. Filmmaking  becomes such a labor of love and I am honored to be even a small part of such heartfelt  projects. Angelo Bell, James Rhodimer, Michael Madison, Russ Cootey, Michael Worth, Marty Petrosian, Mike Derum, Rydell Danzie and Jonathan Cocco are some of the most notably  talented and passionate directors I’ve had the privilege to work with. Any project involving them  is sure to be incredible and worthwhile.
I’ve had the opportunity to portray a psychiatrist, a detective, a rape victim, a mother, an  assassin, and so many other complex characters. Each has been a rewarding experience for me,  and I attribute I to the team work of everyone involved in each film.

What would you consider as your dream role?

My dream roles consist of bringing complex and challenging characters to life in a realistic way.   Human personalities are messy and multi-faceted and this reflects in people’s behaviors. As an  actor with an extensive background in psychology and human behavior, I am fascinated by the  opportunity to take a character, with a backstory and bring that character to life with a  responsible and authentic approach.  I am passionate about advocating for child abuse and  domestic violence victims. I am also involved in advocating for minorities and those without a  voice.  In addition, I have been enthralled by the psyche of serial killers and have studied them  for many years. I would love to portray a character in any stories that depict such phenomena.  It’s not so much about the character per se, but the relationships between the characters and  the story as a whole that I seek in projects.  I like to be involved in projects that leave a lasting  impression on others and make us think about how we would handle such situations in our own  lives.

What are your upcoming projects?

I created a TV drama called ‘Family Life’ that is currently in preproduction. It’s a project designed to enhance family and school relationships with some entertaining therapy thrown in. I want to  utilize my background with children and families to create a moving and necessary project.  We’ve got a very talented team on board and we are all looking forward to going into full  production.

 I am also in preproduction on three other feature films (as a producer and an actor). Please check back periodically on my website for updates.

Would you like to add something, Tisha?

Please check out a webseries that I am involved with as a producer and actor. It was created by the very talented Russ Cootey (actor, director, producer, and writer) and Alex Ballar (actor, writer, producer). You can see all current episodes at Please become a fan on Facebook and follow our progress.

I would also like to recommend a phenomenal acting coach whom I studied with for years: Steve Lowe (  Please look him up for group and individual/private coaching lessons. He is very gifted and I highly recommend him.

Thanks Tisha and congratulation on your upcoming projects!

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