The EURO: Priscilla Lingenheim

© Priscilla Lingenheim

Priscilla Lingenheim is a charismatic French actress. Notability, she played in the inaugural episode of a new television series a French version of the celebrated “Interview” directed by Stephen Mitchell in Los Angeles. She appeared also in the feature film “Memorias del desarrollo”. She acted in few short films as well, like “Mauvais Melange” directed by David Lucchini; “The Captain” directed by Jean Marc Vincent; “Hunted Down” directed by Albert Fautre. She will be soon seen in the feature film “Between the olive trees” directed by David Worth. From the age of fifteen years, she began her training as an actress in Avignon following drama courses under the direction of Jean Michel Sabate and of the actress Odile Michel. Priscilla is also a creative person and she recently inaugurate a website called “Pour Ange” specializing in gift items themed on guardian angel.  

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D. 

OpenBeast: Within a shot span of your career you have acted and worked as a producer’s assistant in France, U.S., U.K. and the Netherlands. How did all this help you? 

It allowed me to better understand the industry in which I work.

Talk about your upcoming projects. 

I have to act in this feature film ‘ Between the olive trees’ in Italy and I have a new project of TV series in London.

Anything else you would like to add Priscilla? 

The website about the brand ‘Pour Ange’ can be seen on :

And now a tedious question: You’ve just found $100, and it’s for you to keep. How will you spend it? 

Maybe, I’ll buy plants and flowers because I love gardening…

Thank you Priscilla.

To learn more about Priscilla Lingenheim’s projects visit