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Kevin Jackson, a rising political superstar, is a well know speaker, political commentator, business consultant and best-selling author. Jackson a charismatic speaker, has spoken alongside political heavyweights such as Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Bachmann, to name a few. He is the author of the best-selling, “The BIG Black Lie,” President of the Black Sphere Foundation (a 501c3) and founder of “The Black Sphere” blog site. He is a contributing writer to Big Government and American Thinker. Jackson is a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck show, The Factor with Bill O’Reilly and MSNBC. He also hosts a radio show. Besides, Jackson is an athlete and has been in martial arts since eight years old. We are thrilled to speak with Kevin Jackson and appreciate his time to do this interview for OpenBeast.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Kevin needs no introduction, so let’s cut to the chase! How did you end up voting Republican?

I’ve been a Republican since I formed my first political thoughts. I remember Reagan fighting for the Panama Canal and losing. I remember the moment as Ronald Reagan had lost to Ford, but I still felt his words resonate within me…as a KID!

Reagan echoed what my grandparents (they raised me) preached. I was taught to be exceptional, to always try hard, and to never be a victim. Around 8 years of age, I realized that Democrats were always talking like victims. I never felt that somebody owed me anything. So when I got the chance to vote for the first time, I was excited to vote Republican…for Ronald Reagan! I can honestly say that I never felt better about a vote, and the spirit of American exceptionalism.

Liberals never got to me, because I learned how to use my brain early. Liberals hate that. And the fact that I use my brain against them, well that’s plain heresy!

Apart from humor and infectious smile, what are your other personal strengths and who did those help your professional success?

Wow, how flattering! I believe my tenacity is my best attribute. I would say that I have a “winner’s attitude.” My attitude comes from winning, a lot! I hate losing, though I have on occasion. I think of it as an iterative process on “how to win.” You MUST keep trying in order to make winning a habit.

I say often that I will never be out-worked. There are times when I wonder how I do so much, but then again, I have an amazingly talented team who steps it up daily to support my ideas. We are all time-limited (and fund-limited!), so we really every ounce of productivity out of ourselves. I am loyal to a fault, and I truly care about the people who are part of this team, and what we are trying to accomplish. I gravitate to those who understand that what we do is not about our “personal” selves, but this great country. So work ethic and an amazing God-inspired imagination are the reason for my success. I rarely think about things in the “standard” way. My mind has learned to think from a different point of view. I discuss what being raise “rich and poor” can do to a person.

You are going places already. Do you have any plans to run for a public office?

I don’t plan to run for public office. Campaigns cost lots of money and effort. I don’t think I’d like to be beholden to people, and then have to “serve.” It’s just not my personality. I prefer to hold politicians’ feet to the fire.

I would consider making an exception. If people want me to run for office, I would if they raised $5M for my campaign, and put the staff together. I do not want to get on that treadmill.

Also, if there is a way for me to be appointed president, then I will do it. Being honest, I prefer to be a dictator. That would make it so much easier. I could banish all Liberals, which would save the country a fortune. I’d send them to some of the countries that they seem to enjoy so much, like Cuba, Venezuela. Then I’d make some live in Bangledesh or Nepal to see what real poverty looks like. I’d put a few of them in GITMO, and send them postcards of the NEW California, run by Conservatives.

Talk to us about your new book “Sexy Brilliance”.

The Sexy Brilliance title the brain-child of Michael Eric Dyson, who said that Obama had brought “sexy brilliance” to the White House. I googled to see if Obama had a pet hamster named Sexy Brilliance. The book essentially chronicles many of the hypocrisies of the Left. I wanted Conservatives to know that the Left is disingenuous, and that Conservatives are the salt of the earth. Like my other musings, the focus is on “education with humor,” and the occasional bits of sarcasm thrown in for good measure. This book is hysterical, and the 2nd funniest political book next to my 1st book!

What’s your typical working day like?

I’m not sure there is a typical one, because we are a complicated organization. I begin my day around 6A and the day doesn’t stop until about 2A. I have a long “to do” list that begins with calls to the East Coast usually related to finding speaking engagements, or promoting a program. My publicist is West Coast, so we usually debrief about noon, just to level-set for the day. Marketing has become critical, so I meet with that team on the new website, and projects that are web intensive.

We are operations intensive, believe it or not. And I am very process driven. Lots of lists and preparing for project launches. I don’t need to be 100%, but I expect to be 95% ready.

I have a production meeting for radio and TV products, almost daily. I have to find time to blog, and then I do quite a few guest radio spots each week, as few as 10 and as many as 20 if it’s a busy week. Add in the occasional TV appearance, and things can get hectic.

I love to speak, so we are trying to keep me busy, though that ebbs and flows. With my increased exposure speaking engagements are becoming more frequent. Writing speeches takes a lot of time. Finally we have developed training. Oh I almost forgot; I write books, and we have The Black Sphere Foundation, which is a charitable organization.

I’m on the board of a few organizations, and that eats a bit of time, here and there, and did I mention I have a significant other and 4 “chirrens.” Three of my sons are in college, and I have a 4 year old at home, who thankfully (jury still out!) goes from home-schooling to a charter school this year. In my free time, I dog walk, pooper scoop, play piano, practice French, and watch the news.

How do you handle criticism?

Poorly. Wait, are you criticizing me (laughs)?! Criticism from the Left or those I deem “jealous,” I don’t handle so well, but I really don’t even think of it as criticism, but jealousy. I know that I need lots of improvement, as I am far from perfect, but true and genuine help (criticism), I am fine with. I usually wait on God’s whispers to me, and I almost always listen.

There are a few frauds in the Conservative movement, and I have difficulty with them and their constant need to disparage others with what they deem criticism. What’s funny is I will get emails from Conservatives telling me not to say what I just said, or that what I say reflects poorly on “all” Conservatives. I write back and tell them, “Only the frauds would think like that!”

Being honest, I am SO critical of myself, that by the time somebody else tells me about myself, its old news. After all, I’ve known me longer than they! That said, I must say that I could use help with handling criticism. I have found that I am forced to learn so much in such a short amount of time, that criticism at times can appear like “piling on.” But people mean well for the most part, so I accept it. If I suspect otherwise, I reject it.

How do you manage without a teleprompter, especially when you give lengthy speeches?

I never give the same speech, so I use notes. I’d like a teleprompter, as I am good on the fly if the teleprompter were to fail. Nevertheless, I am developing a stump speech, so I can not use my “paper-prompter.” I have done a few impromptu speeches, and I like doing them. But I enjoy words and language immensely, so I tend to write my speeches for effect.

I long for the day, when I don’t use notes or anything. That comes from such a wealth of experiences with politicians and other notables.

Any advice for our young readers who might be contemplating political or public service career?

Do it, if you love it. Make sure that you have passion for service, and are not looking for notoriety or fame. Enjoy the ride. It’s hard work, so you’d better love it, or else even if you get it, you likely won’t enjoy it.

I am certain you don’t have many friends in Hollywood! But if you get an acting opportunity would you take it and why?

I have a few friends in Hollywood, but certainly not enough. As for taking an acting opportunity, I’m not sure. I have bouts of creativity where I think to myself, “De Niro, De Smirno…he ain’t got NOTHING on me!” Then I get my sanity.

I enjoy doing sketch comedy, though I have absolutely NO training. I will admit that we are considering something in Hollywood presently, and I am excited and terrified simultaneously at the prospect. I tell myself that if those Lefties can do it, I can as well. They have hoards of writers, and suck-ups, teleprompters, laugh-trax, and warm-up people.

When I entertain, I usually follow some low-level bureaucrat! Try having an ex-state congressman warm up your audience!

Though I am trying to get a TV show in Hollywood, I think I will constantly be waiting on the shoe to fall, or the rug to be pulled out from under me. It’s not paranoia, but the fickle nature of that industry. Lucky for me, I wouldn’t do a show for notoriety, but to offer another point of view. The scary part is having your point of view rejected. Hey, it’s all God’s plan!

Now a tricky question! Could you briefly define common sense?

Common sense is the opposite of “uncommon sense;” something that you need to think about or that takes study for most. I’ve heard it said that common sense is genius dressed in work clothes, and as Voltaire quipped, “Common sense is not so common.” Common sense is the cousin of critical thinking.

Kevin, is there any thing you would like to add?

My group has a non-profit called The Black Sphere Foundation, and we empower youth. We get about 100 inner city children adopted each year, and we support over 250 “connectors” in helping inner city children grades 4-8. Our plan is to be the de facto youth and diversity partner for the Conservative movement. I hope that people will support this effort by donating at

Thank you so much for your time. This was an awesome conversation.

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