Sleeping Beauty – Anna Easteden

© Anna Easteden - Photo by Steve Thornton

Anna Easteden is Finnish American actress whose film appearances include “The House of Branching Love” and “Sideways”. She is known for her performance as “Bee Sting” in Who Wants to Be a Superhero? on SciFi Channel. She co-starred in soap operas: “Passions” and “Days Of Our Lives” on NBC, the television series “Bones” on Fox and “Two and a Half Men” on CBS. She appeared in her first magazine cover after winning aFinland national contest held by popular teenager magazine. She has worked as a model in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Slovakia, Guam and theU.S. In her first play she was “Sleeping Beauty” in the play “Sleeping Beauty” which premiered at the Downers Grove Tivoli Theatre.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D. 

Welcome to OpenBeast and congratulations on your success thus far. Describe yourself in three adjectives. 

Thank you very much! My pleasure to be here. Hmm… Three adjectives. Fun, Friendly, Positive. 

How did you get into the movie business? 

I started as a model at age twelve, and then slowly moved into acting. First I was doing TV commercials and music videos and then actually studied acting and became more comfortable with it and fell in love with acting. Then one day realized that I had turned into a more of an actor than a model. And although I do still do modeling, my love is acting. 

Talk to us about your Japanese experience. 

I absolutely loved living inJapanand working there. Honestly, if you have seen the movie “Lost In Translation” with Bill Murray, my experience was very similar. I laughed so hard watching that movie; I related to things in that movie so much – especially that one scene where the main character is doing a photo-shoot for an advertisement because that was my daily life in Tokyo. I did lots of work there and I love Japanese people’s courtesy and respect for others. I’d love to do some more work there in the future too! 

You had conducted a research study on the aspects of asylum procedures for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. What is that all about and how did you get involved? 

At one point in my career I felt that it was superficial and I really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. So for a few months I went and worked with the UN in Bratislava, Slovakia, where I conducted this research study. I am a very curious person and I love traveling. I had gone to Bratislava because an American friend who I had met in Tokyo was living there and so, while I was there, I basically walked into the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and asked how I could help. It was a great experience. Later on, I have realized that as an actor I actually do make a big difference in other people’s lives in many ways, even if it is not noticeable at first. 

What’s your best gig so far and why? 

I have had lots of best gigs. I love traveling, so having gotten to go to shoot in different locations is always fun, like: Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Napa Valley etc. I love that. I do also think that the best gigs are playing characters that I really care about and I really feel for, like my character Nina in “The House of Branching Love”. And of course it is fun to work with other great actors and directors who I admire and have dreamed of meeting one day. 

Tell us about your mentors? 

I feel that there is really something that a person could learn from any other person, really anyone from any walk of life. Everyone has so many different experiences and life lessons that you don’t have. I am always looking for new mentors. I’d love to have someone like Clint Eastwood be my mentor, I think he is such a gentle being and a great artist. 

So, do you really like American baseball? 

Ha ha! Yes, of course I like American baseball. However, I am one of those people who might bring a book to the game… I know, totally rude! 

What are your upcoming projects and initiatives? 

Currently I am working on a couple of feature films. In one of them I play a wife who is confused and considering getting divorced, even though there is really nothing wrong with her marriage. In the other film I play a motorcycle cop. I just got fitted into my clothes yesterday, and it made a huge difference to actually wear the real clothes of a police officer in building this character. I guess, sometimes the clothes make the man (or woman in this case)! 

Any advice for aspersing models and actors? 

If you have a dream of becoming a model or an actor, I’d say to absolutely go for it! I think it would be worse to regret not trying something than having tried and failed. And who knows, if you try, you just might make it! Has happened to a lot of us! (smiles) 

Would you like to add anything? 

Thank you for taking your time to interview me and thank you for the readers for reading this far! 

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