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Stephanie Ceballos is an upcoming versatile American actress, who lives in Tampa, Florida. She has been in 20 plus local short films and features that have been in the Independent Film Festival, and the Gasperilla Film Festival. She has been acting in theatre since about 7 years old. Because of her Military parents she has traveled to different states and countries. Stephanie is also a trained dancer, got a natural act for voices and can sing well. Now that’s what I call multi-talented. I am excited to post this exclusive interview.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D. 

Welcome to OpenBeast. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

HELLO! My name is Stephanie, I am an independent Actress currently located in Tampa, FL.

“Nancy” has won many Independent Film Awards. Talk to us about your part in Nancy.

Nancy is one of my very first roles in the independent film industry. It’s a psychological thriller based on a longer story version written by David Melendez. The character Nancy has a lot of emotions throughout the film discovering who and what she is. To give a brief description of the story, back flashes and illusions bring her back to parts in her life and the feuding escape from her reality of being in an insane asylum or ward, if you will. The role was very emotional at times, and not to mention filmed in Fort De Soto in January. IT WAS FREEZING!! But the experience on set with everyone was both one of my most exciting moments! I loved being on set!

You almost got a role in “The Twilight Saga New Moon” but didn’t happen, why?

They held an open casting call nationwide for two roles; unfortunately they were looking for a specific look to the characters. Being of full Native American Indian decent was a must. I do not look like it what so ever (smiles), but I was excited to receive an email response back, normally anyone from a bigger production of that sort do not have the time to respond. Though it would’ve been AWESOME, I think that was my doorway to keep chasing those bigger roles, aside from the independent films.

Why and how did you move from theater to movies?

After graduation, I researched everywhere for my chance to get head shots done and auditions set up. I had gotten a couple of photo shoots done and some parts in public theatre, and a couple of years later I had my daughter (who is going to be four in Feb), that’s where the opportunity for the casting call came up. After that I got in touch with a lot of friends from high school who were pursuing in the film industry. I’ve networked through many different local colleges and have made a name for myself. The passion I have for film is definitely connected on a more emotional ride than theatre. Though theatre is in my heart, with its big performances and loud actions, I still carry that with my personality. Film has brought my acting abilities to another level and I love the feeling of truly connecting and portraying all these roles more personally.

Describe your experience at the Gasperilla Film Festival.

IT WAS AHHHHMAZING!! My experience at one of the biggest Film Festivals in the Tampa area was truly a unique and ultra-exciting event! I was part of two films submitted and premiered at the Gasperilla Film Festival, and fully supported my friends who also had their films premiering. The three day event was great! It really made us feel like red carpet worthy film makers (which I believe all indie film makers are worth the work they put out there). “The Stonehouse Lounge” was a feature film premiered the 2nd night, after having sold out the first theatre we originally had, we got a bigger theater after opening night. “Harmani Art” was a short film that was premiered the 3rd day of the Festival along with many other talented film maker’s short films. I can’t say how honored I was, enough, being there and represented in front of everyone for our films. It was an AWSOME weekend, that I hope I can be a part of it again this year!

What’s the best gig you have done thus far?

I don’t think I can honestly pin point the BEST one I think I’ve had!? Most of them have been sooooo different and exciting in ways I can’t describe! I miss being on those sets and playing those characters every day, but they only get better and better, so that is honestly a tough question!! And not to hurt anyone’s feelings (smiles), but I really couldn’t say JUST one.

Stephen & Stephanie @ IIFF2012 red carpet event

Tell us about your Indian film experience.

Well this film “The Coffee” was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed working with Hemant and everyone on set; it was actually kind of a flashback being on a set where there were “new” film makers. But they were all hard working and accepting with the suggestions/advice I had for them, since I’ve been on previous sets before. Which normally, I don’t open my mouth to give my opinion, me being “the directed” not the director. But Hemant was very open and honest about letting him know if there was anything I could suggest, having a little more experience with things on set. Overall, everything was done quickly and accurately, I think everyone, including me, learned new things. The one thing I did have to get used to was the accent! Very unique and for me, at times, a little difficult to understand, but I think that’s what I loved about being on the set of my first Indian short. It was the diversity and seeing the cultural aspect of the story being told and tradition, that I was drawn to. I am very open to diverse cultures, film and music, and so in a way I am very proud and honored that I got to be part of an Indian film.

Any upcoming projects you would like to disclose?

I currently am working as a producer for a short film, soon to be filmed, called “Stairway to Heaven”, as well as filming as the Captain of the fan base web series “Star Trek- Genesis”. My most recent film I wrapped with is an independent feature called “Sunlight JR” featuring Naomi Watts, Matt Dillan and Norman Reedus. I was an extra, though my cameo may be my backside, it was the BIGGEST production set I’ve been on! I’m soooo excited; this is just the beginning of my small steps onto bigger productions.

What are your leisure time activities?

First and foremost I spend most of my time with my daughter, while not working my day job in an office, I like to take her out to parks, playgrounds, family get together and I do a lot of extra activities with her at home. I am also an artist… more like a cartoonist. I’ve drawn all my life and I’m pretty good! I sing all over my house, though I have sang many times on stage, I am terrified of being put on the spot to sing. DONT ASK (laughs). I also have many videos online on my YouTube channel, portraying my own made up characters, mostly voices I create from the faces I make or distort. My “all the time thing” though is acting my poor daughter has been submitted to many outbursts of characters in regular day conversations or outings and is now creating her own. I love to keep busy with projects or family time, all in which are loud and distinct in the “creativity” side.

Finally I got a truly significant question: Dog or Cat?

DOG! I prefer a dog for any pet significance, but under current circumstances, not being home all the time would tear me apart leaving an animal meant to have attention, alone at home. So if I had to have one right now it would probably be a cat. Which I am not against cats, but for an animal to keep up with my personality and my child’s we’d probably do right by having a dog (laughs).

Thank you and wishing you the very best.