One and only Monica Bassi

Stephen & Monica @ IIFF red carpet – © Monica Bassi

Monica Bassi is an actress, model, singer, film maker, song/script writer, media personality and an elegant entrepreneur in the world of entertainment. Multi-talented Monica’s film “Uncoupled” was recently premiered at the India International Film Festival (IIFF 2012). She is the lead for “Fresh Arrangement”. Not to forget her TV hosting at Fear Factor (casting event), VIP TV and Her numbers “Flavor of the week” and “Cries of the Ghetto” kind of makes Madonna and IMA sound immaterial. Yet her humble personality stands apart.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome Monica. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

If you’re only asking for a little bit then I’ll sum it up by describing myself as a screenwriter, producer, and actor. Else, there are many more dimensions that would take days to cover (smiles).

How and why did you get into the entertainment business?

I’ll answer this question in two parts, starting with the ‘How’.

I was approached by Vansage Productions to host their web show, VIP TV, where I interviewed anyone and everyone involved in film making from behind the scenes. From there I learned how the process worked and went on to host and co-produce a reality dating show. From there, I decided to turn some of my own stories into short films.

Now for the ‘why’.

I grew up in a house where music and films were a part of daily life. Whether I’m having a rough day, spending time with friends or family, having a good film on hand always helps to pass the time nicely. I love the effect a good movie has on me and thus I want to be part of that creative process. I’ve always been creative and this is a great channel for that side of me.

Monica at the DGA Awards with George Clooney – © Monica Bassi

Talk to us about your “Uncoupled” and what inspired you?

Uncoupled is the story about being single in a world full of couples. It the story of holding on to your own sense of identity and purpose in the face of pressure to be ‘married’. What inspired me was the recent statistic that more than 50% of the US is now single. That’s a high number, so I made this film to shed perspective on what it feels like for us ‘single’ people when we are out of our element.

Are you formally coached in acting and what’s your schooling?

I am a trained actor. I am currently enrolled in the Performer’s Studio Workshop under Kathy Loughlin in Tampa Florida. I’ve also taken a Master Class with actor Armand Assante.

Any upcoming projects or initiatives you would like to mention?

I am working on a full-length romantic comedy centered on the themes in ‘Uncoupled’ and ‘Fresh Arrangement’. It will be light, quirky, and sort of a hybrid between ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and ‘Sex and the City’.

What is your view about Tampa’s India International Film Festival?

It’s a great platform for Indian artists to showcase their work. The festival is well-organized with tremendous community support, and the films they showcase get better every year.

Would you like to mention about your mentors or role models?

My mentors are the people I work with on set that have more experience than I. In terms of role models I look up to all of the female Indian producers who have made it in this challenging industry.

What is your best achievement thus far?

‘Uncoupled’ is my greatest achievement, film-wise. I had a great production crew and cast and I feel that shows in the final cut.

© Monica Bassi

What are your leisure time activities?

I don’t have very much leisure time but when I do I love to plan trips as I’m an avid traveler. I feel like there is so little time in this life and I want to absorb and learn as much from it as possible. Traveling is a great way to do that. I am adventurous and always open to trying new things. My mind rarely rests.

Cat or dogs?

I love all animals but am crazy about Dogs.

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