The Pirates Cutlass

© Ashley Nixon

Ashley Nixon is a gifted writer and aspiring author, and almost ready to graduate (English Writing Major) from the University of Oklahoma. She grew up in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Her upcoming trilogy “The Pirates Cutlass”, I am sure, is all set to take her to the next big level. Interestingly she also wrote a couple of vampire books, when vampires weren’t popular. Currently, Ashley is working on a book titled “Soulless”.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Thank you! My name is Ashley. I’m a student. After Graduating, I’m hoping to pursue my Masters in Library Science. I have a passion for all things creative.

When and how did you realize your passion for writing?

I had always been an avid reader, and my body kept telling me to write, I just wasn’t sure WHAT I should be writing. I came across The Lord of the Rings which spurred my interest in Fantasy. Everything clicked then. It was like magic.

So what are you studying at the University of Oklahoma?

English-Writing. Interestingly, my focus has been poetry. I’ve taken Poetry Writing and Advanced Poetry (which includes performance), and my Capstone class is about Poetry. I also study a ton of History (mostly Europe: Ireland, England, and Scotland). My literature classes, however, focus on India, usually. I also enjoy Women’s Studies courses.

Tell us about your writings/books thus far?

Well, I’m currently going through another edit of my book, Cutlass (it’s the first in the Trilogy). It’s about pirates who are also Elves and facing the extinction of their race. They have a lot of good and bad interactions with political figures/the “elite.” The other two books, Flintlock and Cannon are basically written, they have to go through edits.

SOULLESS is a new idea, I came up with this during my Art History Class. The characters are very strong, but they haven’t told me where they are, exactly. I just know Sia is out for revenge, and there are many assassins in this book. It’s a lot of action, which I like!

Nacoma Knight is a book about Vampires…which will have to sleep for a while. I began a second book. I know the exactly direction it will go.

Lastly, some day, I will revisit my very first Trilogy–The Secrets of Lweven. It has great bones, in my opinion, and has a lot of potential.

Any luck on your agent hunting?

Not currently. I’ve queried a lot, probably when I wasn’t ready. My philosophy is trial and error – I’m not going to have a chance at anything if I don’t try. So I keep trying. I post my query online and ask for critiques and read/research anything I can about agents, markets, queries. Everything.

Talk to us about your pirate fascination?

Oh gosh! It began in ninth grade. I’m not sure what made me love pirates… I think I was fascinated by their interaction with a government. Then I began thinking about how thin this line was – between pirate and politician. What really separated them? I decided not much. My book explores this idea. My pirates are related to politicians. There’s a lot of rebellion and a lot of betrayal. It’s intense.

Do you have any mentors or role models to mention?

My bloggers are my mentors and role models. They are amazing. And of course I’ve always aspired to be on the level of J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling.

What are your favorite reads?

Aside from LotR, I love classics – The Picture of Dorian Gray is probably my favorite of all time, I also love Wilde’s “Ballad of Reading Gail”. Worldly literature is very inspiring – I love books like “God of Small Things” and books by Salman Rushdie. With Fantasy, I love Neil Gaiman, Tracey Hickman and Margaret Weis.

What are your leisure activities?

Well, there isn’t much time that I’m not focused on school, so in my leisure time, I like to write. It doesn’t matter if it’s my book or blogging, as long as it’s writing, my stress is low!

Cats or Dogs?

haha. Dogs!

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