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Asher Benrubi “Smash”, showbiz entrepreneur, is a celebrated media personality, rock singer and the founder of “Smash Band” – a popular St. Louis cover band. Using the names Adam Smasher and The Smash, he has spent over two decades as a broadcaster at well-respected and highly acclaimed radio stations. On television, he has performed in various roles and functions as a TV talent, writer, editor, director and producer – not to forget video jock for MTV and as an entertainment reporter for FOX 2 News with “Smash Around Town”. Late seventies he was in the band Roadmaster.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Describe yourself with three adjectives.

Thank you for the interest Stephen.  Thank you for the welcome.  The adjectives are hungry, happy, sleepy.

How and why did you get into the entertainment business?

I was Junior Class President at Shortridge H.S. in Indianapolis. I asked the faculty advisor for some money from the school administration so that I could employ one of our school’s favorite Soul bands “The DelVados”.  They wouldn’t cover the cost so I put together a group from some friends of mine at Shortridge. We used to sing in the showers following gym class and the echo within the tiled shower chamber had us sounding pretty good we thought. Once we gathered to rehearse the upcoming performance we found the truth in actually attempting to harmonize without the echo blend that we were accustomed to. Nevertheless, we went for it and put on a show under the name “Frenchie & The Oui-Ouis”. The crowd in the high school cafeteria loved us. We kept it going from there to and through our college days at Indiana University and then professionally after that. That’s what kicked off my life career as a singer/performer/communicator/showman and entertainment businessman. 

What is Smash Band all about?

It’s an extension of “Frenchie & The Oui-Ouis”. “Bringing The Party” is what Smash Band is all about. The collective of musicians, singers, playlist and song choices yields an “entertainment value” that only Smash Band can deliver. The combination provides good time results for performer and audience.

What is your one best gig or achievement thus far?

All events are “bests” in their own way… corporate, wedding, civic, festival, charity or club gigs. However, the Rams Superbowl Victory Party with 100,000+ people in zero degree weather at Keiner Plaza is a pinnacle along with playing the Cardinals World Series Victory festivities.

What are your personal strengths and how did those help in your professional success?

Communication is the strongest of the strengths the Lord has provided me. Correct and proper communication allows and enables you to direct people, situations and yourself so as to arrive at the best positive for all involved. That’s been the basis for any level of success that I’ve encountered on the performance stages of radio, television, music, theatre, print, internet and more.

Any upcoming initiatives you would like to discuss?

I am one who keeps those kinds of enterprises, ventures and efforts to myself until I have them in hand. Once they’re up and running the discussion is on. But, prior to that, I try to avoid speaking ahead of any creative business birthing in case it doesn’t happen.  Following the non-occurrence there’s more to explain when an effort doesn’t come to fruition than if and when it does.

I have seen you at many fundraisers. What is the best fund raising event you have done?

They’re all good in their own different ways. Fundraisers are meant to help people. Help is always good whether it’s for an individual with a big personal need or for a major Foundation that spreads the positive to a multitude. If I have to pick one fundraiser… our band pick would be the Pujols Family Foundation’s “Pujols Prom.” has the photos of youngsters with Down Syndrome having a joyous time “Prom” partying with their dates, friends, families, Albert and DeDe Pujols at this event that we’ve been graced to be a part of since its inception. The Pujols Family Foundation is a blessing to all of these folks.

What are your leisure time activities?

Though my work is not the definition of “laborious”, it is pleasurably very consuming from the office to the performance. So, at leisure, I dig doing nothing at the house, just hanging with my wife and family. I like watching movies on the big screen or the silver screen. And when I’m dedicated to it, I love exercising. Other than that, my “work” is my good time.

If you could live anywhere where would you build your dream home?

At, in and on the beach.

Thank you. 

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