Superman Chris Greene

Chris Greene is an actor in the Florida area. Seemingly he has been in countless projects, however started as a featured extra in the independent film, “Chicks 101”, directed by Lovinder Gill. He has appeared in everything from commercials to feature films! Aside from acting, spending time with his daughter and educating other actors on the industry is part of Chris’ daily life. He has recently gotten into producing and directing all while running his new production company Detour Entertainment, LLC. Chris is a real up-and-comer, and I was lucky enough to get him to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to do this quick interview.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Let us about yourself.

Thank you for having me. I guess I will start with the usual opening, Born and Raised in New York State then slowly started making my way south along the East Coast. I like to travel, mainly because I can’t sit still (laughs). To be honest I never wanted to be an Actor at first. I had it in my mind I was either going to be a drummer, which I have been playing since the age of 8, or an officer of some kind – Police, Military something like that. That all changed when I was in college at Winston Salem State. As you mentioned earlier I was a featured extra in a film, Chicks 101, which happened to be shooting over at the North Carolina School of the Arts. For those of you that don’t know NCSA is a very good performance school, probably one of the best on the East Coast, so I was very lucky to start out on one of their sets. Since then I have been chasing the dream trying to live the Life Of An Actor (smiles).

How did you first launch your career?

Being on the Chicks 101 set and seeing how a movie is actually made just got to me. To see the hard work and dedication of so many creative and talented folks had me hooked! It was like a drug man, and I thought to myself “I gotta get into this”. From there I went and got some headshots made and started taking a few classes, going to seminars and trying to build the resume. I will admit, sadly, that I got caught up in one of those SCAMS you hear on the radio or see in the newspapers (yea I said newspapers for all you young guns out there, we didn’t have Ipads back then) “We’ll make YOU a STAR!!”. What they don’t tell you is that you are going to come out of pocket $3 grand for something that you or your agent can do for way less than that! But I was just starting out and had no one there to tell me otherwise, so I started doing more research and learning more about the business. I learned the correct ways of doing things and eventually, almost 10 years later, got to the point where I am now.

What has been your favorite role so far?

You trying to have some of my former Directors pissed off at me huh? Man, that is really a tough one.  I gotta say I don’t have one favorite because each role has something in him that I loved doing or saying. I guess the ones I had the most fun with, up until this point, would be a toss-up between “The Photographer” in a Short Film called The Couch, Directed by the lovely Sage Hall, or “Flick Master Phil”, from another short called What They Seem, Directed by Doug Vaters. Both roles are heavy character roles, not so much in the sense of me getting into heavy FX make up or Wardrobe, but how they were so over the top. To be as arrogant, brash and animated as both those characters were was definitely a fun thing to do!

You always look so great how do you stay in shape and what’s your secret?

Thanks for the compliment! Just working out as much as I can, though I am not completely satisfied with where I am physically. Granted I could be out of shape but I feel I have a ways to go as far as getting to where I need to be. As an Actor your body is part of your performance and you have to make sure it is always ready, now that doesn’t mean you have to be Mr. Olympia or for the ladies a size 0! Just means be in the best shape you can so that you aren’t tired after day one of shooting!

Talk to us about your production company.

The genesis of Detour Entertainment actually started back in 05. I was trying to work on a project and was told that a production company needed to be involved. I came up with a mock one just so people would get behind the project. I came up with the name Detour because I thought I was taking a “less crowded lane” to get to the same Hollywood result that everyone else was trying to get to. As I got older and got more familiar with the market in the southeast, I realized that if I was going to be involved on the production end of a project it had to be treated as though we had 100 million dollars to shoot it! So I did the research, saved up my money and legalized and trademarked the name and in 2011 Detour Entertainment was official!

What is your “Superman” trademark all about?

Wow, this one always comes up (smiles). Though I am not faster than a speeding bullet or leaping tall buildings in a single bound, I do have blue tights and red underwear! Seriously everyone out there has my mother Brenda to thank for that nickname. She was a huge fan of Christopher Reeve and I am talking back before the world knew him as the man of steel. Apparently he used to be on one of the Soap Operas back in the day and my mom was a fiend for those shows smh. Anyhow I was born when the second one was in the theaters (yes I am that old) and apparently I was in a rush to leave the womb because according to my mother – geez this is embarrassing – I shot out of there like Superman smh. I was supposed to be named after my father but my mother was not having that, and said his first name will be Christopher after Christopher Reeve. Since then close friends and even some fellow entertainers have gotten wind of that story and the nickname just stuck. That and I have been in quite a few accidental situations where I should have been more hurt physically than I was, but luckily I walked away without a scratch!

Any upcoming project or initiatives you would like to discuss?

Detour has a few things in the works, but I have to keep those on the hush hush right now! You can however follow us on, FB and Twitter ( & @detourent) to keep up with what is going on. Far as acting wise I have recently been cast in a TV Pilot and have a few feature films interested in me playing some roles so hopefully this year will finish better than it started!

What are your leisure time activities?

When I have time, going to the movies, the beach, or traveling somewhere I haven’t been.  I like learning about different cultures and people watching. We are an interesting species I must say (smiles).

Thank you.

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