Fabian’s Take Me Home

Fabian Morales is an upcoming film maker from Orlando, Florida. A native of Colombia, who came to the US when he was sixteen, is a graduate of Full Sail University. He is about to release a film on Homelessness, which is a project he produced and directed during his school. “Take Me Home”, an 80-minute documentary about homelessness in Central Florida, will be soon also be screened at Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast, Fabian. Tell us about yourself?

I was raised in Colombia and moved to the USA when I was sixteen years old. Started as an actor and then produced and directed theater in LA, but always knew I wanted to be a film maker. But the Fabian that most people don’t know is a guy who has a profound love and admiration for his mother as she is his rock and his biggest most fulfilling love, a guy who served in the US Army, a great friend, a person who can listen, a father to his little sister who was one of his biggest supporters when he decided to go back to school, an uncle who speaks of love and inspiration to his two nephews every time he sees them and a little brother to an awesome sister who teaches him to be free day after day. That is Fabian, a simple man who exfoliated his life into simplicity and love.

How and why did you get into film making?

Growing up I always knew I would one day be sitting behind an actor and a Camera op guiding them into creating art, being so young I knew I had to wait until I was at least in my 30’s, to transition from theater to Film. When I reached my 30th birth day, I went back to school and studied film and realized I had never felt so much passion for anything I had ever done before. I was reborn into film, as a man and as a director when I graduated with a Film degree, now there is nothing else I could do but film. Simply if I die today I die a happy man because I am doing what my heart tells me to do.

How did “Take Me Home” happen?

Being in Film school, I wanted to have a project in my hand as my introduction into the film industry. I knew I had to do something really good to put a stamp that would allow me to knock on many doors as my letter of presentation in a way. “Take me Home” was to be it.

Are any folks shown in the film are actors and was there any fiction element added?

Everyone in the documentary that is featured as a homeless person is actually homeless. I didn’t use any actors. I do however have a character I created (fiction) with the help of graphics and certain illustrations (cartoon like) which appears though out the documentary. I created this concept in an effort to release a piece of art which is not only informative but artistic and original.

So why did you choose the subject of homelessness?

I chose this concept because I simply didn’t know anything about it and I saw the need to give them a voice.

Why do you think Florida is the hot-spot for homelessness?

I strongly believe that one of our biggest problems here in Central Florida is that people come to here thinking there is a lot of work here due to the parks but the reality is different and many families face this cruel reality a bit too late once they have no money and their only choice is to head to the streets with their children.

What next? And would you like to mention about your any upcoming initiatives?

I’m extremely happy as I have 2 amazing films I am currently working on. A feature called “My American Dream” (based on a real story) starting Colombian actress Angelica Blandon, This film comes at a great time in our nation as Immigration reform is a hot topic and this story is the story that will change an nation’s perception of the American Dream and that of immigrants who come to this country in search of a dream. The next one is a Docudrama called “Let My Name Ever Be”, with amazing collaborations, which I can’t disclose yet. But I can tell you that both of these films will continue with my dedication to not only produce cinema in its purest most significant way of ART, but I will continue to explore character essence in an effort to deliver stories that will impact our society.

What are your leisure time activities?

I am a very active man, one that enjoys working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Love horses, writing and yes one can say I’m as bohemian as they come as you can find me at a cafe by myself listening to my favorite song (La Piragua) with some wine in my hand thinking about my country Colombia and how proud I am to know I am doing everything I can to show the world we too can make a difference and be artists we are here, there and everywhere. I had a dream to one day be the man who created and expressed himself through the seventh Art, I’m living that dream today as I create and allow Fabian the artist he always was.

Thank you.

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