Sheen of the Charlie Sheen Dog with Tiger Blood

Kenneth “Ken” Davitian is best known for his role as Borat’s producer, opposite Sacha Baron Cohen, in the 2006 comedy film BORAT. Ken also appeared in the #1 box office hits GET SMART and MEET THE SPARTANS and this year’s OSCAR winning film THE ARTIST. He can currently be seen opposite Katharine McPhee, Dave Annable, Mena Suvari, Rob Schneider and Kathy Bates in the romantic comedy YOU MAY NOT KISS THE BRIDE. He has also become very active with his production company Baby Hollywood Productions, with a finished short film (Last Day Foundation) and several films in pre-production, including Wild Oats, which is attached to star Jack Black, Maria Bello, Alan Arkin, Jon Voigt and Shirley MacLaine.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. How did you get into acting?

Thank you for having me! You know, when I was 13 years old, I watched my grandmother on stage and fell in love with acting and realized this was the way I wanted to go. From that day on I did everything and anything in junior high and high school that had to do with performing. Whether it was a speech for class, a play or a talent show, whatever I could do that had to do with theatre, I was involved. In junior college, East Los Angeles Arts Institute I majored in theatre then I went to Cal State Long Beach. I always worked in the family business but on the side I always went to rehearsal and performances. In high school I had Ms. Duran who really nurtured me. Junior college was the greatest because we had this director from television, I think his name was Robert Eely, he had directed 25 episodes of the Highway Patrol, a TV show in the 50’s), and he made a big impression on me. He used to say “If you can’t do it, get out, there’s a line of others who can.”

Talk to us about your experience with “The Artist”.

It was fabulous. It gave me a whole new perspective on how to perform without using one of my greatest instruments, my voice.  It also got me into a movie I just finished called NINA (the Nina Simone story).

What would you consider as your one best achievement?

My one best achievement…. My sons Robert and Aaron would be my first answer, but if you  are asking about projects I have to go back to the one who opened all the doors for me and gave me most of my fans and experience, which is BORAT. I have to always appreciate the fact that that movie put me on the map.

So what’s cooking at your Baby Hollywood Productions?

We have 5 film projects we are trying to find financing for. The project I’m most excited about is a treatment for a half hour sitcom TV series called Pupu Papa with Rob Hedden, who wrote and directed You May Not Kills The Bride, in which I co-star with Katharine McPhee, Dave Annable, Kathy Bates, Mena Suvari and Rob Schneider. In Pupu Papa my character is like an Armenian Archie Bunker who goes back to live with his very liberal daughter and son-in-law, the mayor of Honolulu, which sets them up for a lot of funny situations and conflicts.

Any upcoming projects you would like to discuss?

Just finished YMNKTB which first ran in select theaters in the nation and is available On-Demand. Also Shark Proof should be coming out within the next year and stars me and Jon Lovitz, and Melvin Smarty which should be coming out next year with me and George Hamilton. It also stars the guy from MTV’s  Teen Wolf  which should get fans pretty excited (Tyler Hoechlin) and the cute girl from 666 Avenue (Helena Mattsoon).

What is “Sheen of the Charlie Sheen Dog with Tiger Blood” all about.

Charlie Sheen came to my restaurant “The Infield” as he has done many times before and ordered the Chicago Dog. Then he decided to put about 2 cubs of hot sauce on the Chicago Dog, took a picture, named it The Tiger Blood Dog and tweeted to all his millions of followers. Its still one of our #1 sellers.

Talk to us about your involvement with charities; Children of Armenia Fund, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Hospital of LA.

I have a soft spot for all children because I raised two myself. Any time I can get involved in a charity that has to do with children I am open to it. I am very involved with COAF because Armenia has just become a free nation since the fall of the Soviets and they have a lot of orphans that need any help they can get. But also in the US, we have great deal of children that need help, so I help the Children Hospital of LA, St. Judes and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. I go to the fundraisers, celebrity poker tournaments, donate whatever I can do. As a private person, I try to help children as much as I can, but truthfully, due to some of my past projects (i.e. BORAT) that are not as family friendly, it can be challenging. I would love to be on the board for some of those charities but based on some of the films I’ve done, they just haven’t felt as comfortable making me a staple. So I help in other ways.

What are you leisure time activities?

I love playing poker whenever I can and go to Las Vegas whenever I get a chance. Caesars’ Palace is one of my favorites and they take great care of people like me that like to play. Other than that I’m busy running my restaurants. And most everything I do is work related, networking, events meetings. To be honest, I kind of consider almost everything I do leisure time because I love what I do, so its not really work for me.

Thank you.

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