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Sam Neal is the founder and Creative Director of SJN Global, a Brand Management consulting firm. He specializes in corporate positioning and messaging through media training, digital and social media campaigns and the development of creative campaigns designed to promote positive leadership and support key business initiatives.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

I am Sam J. Neal, Creative Director and Founder of SJN Global, LLC. Before founding SJN Global, I was as a Sales Manager, as well as, Research & Development Manager for the Oklahoma City, OK based, Extended Service Agreement firm, CarSafe. Through CarSafe I’ve worked to help develop policies with two “Fortune 500” companies. When approaching work with clients, whether launching start-ups or repositioning established brands, I am always focused on delivering results that create valuable business opportunities. In my professional career, I have worked extensively with start-up and emerging growth companies. My experience as a Sales Manager has provided SJN Global Clients a competitive edge with building and maintaining client relationships. I live my life based on Aristotle’s principle, “Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation.”  

What is SJN Global?

SJN Global is a Marketing, Event Planning and Public Relations consultancy for small or medium sized businesses. We work with companies to promote their brand or product. Our focus is different for every client. Every company is different because of the team that maintains it. That’s why we’re here; Helping our clients understand and highlight the qualities that set them apart from the competition. We have also created a business model, through regional events, that put our clients in the spotlight. We have existing clients in Motorsports, Insurance, Education, Fashion & Entertainment.

What are the key services you offer?

Our client base is diverse and so is our skill set. We work with small businesses to fulfill their individual needs. We offer marketing strategy, event planning, public relations counsel, web and graphic design. If the client needs, we will take the time to come in and work with employees on sales and customer service training.

Talk to us about the social media and its marketing impact?

Social media has given this company and every company, the opportunity to open up a conversation with consumers. SJN Global has utilized social media to drive traffic to client events, websites and promotions. We help foster these relationships for our clients, which helps our clients focus on in-house consumer needs. Thanks to social media, SJN Global has also been able to help our clients make notable achievements in the area of consumer loyalty.   

What’s the one best achievement thus far?

My personal best achievement has been selecting the members of our growing team. I would not have been able to achieve these types of results or build relationships this strong without each individual’s effort.  I am very thankful for the creative team.

Any upcoming projects you would like to discuss?

The SJN Global Creative team is excited for 2013. We have several product launches planned over the next year and we are currently planning the largest, most high-energy fashion show in our history (Scheduled for May, 2013). SJN Global will also have a team doing client activation in 12 US markets alongside the world’s largest traveling entertainment company. Our creative team is focused on finding new, creative ways to interact with consumers. We encourage everyone to stay informed by liking us on Facebook or joining our mailing list at

What are your leisure time activities?

In my leisure time I am working with family members and friends to build a non-profit, adult education and resource center near downtown Saint Louis, MO.  I also recently became a voting member of the Grove CID (Community Improvement District) Marketing Committee. I find joy in working with my neighbors and fellow business owners to build a better community. 

Local or imported beer?

I’m a domestic, Sam Adams, type of guy.

Thank you.

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