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Joe Weiss is the owner of Green Rx, a Cottleville, Missouri, based company which provides integrated lawn care, and pest control services. Whether your lawn is in need of rescue or simply regular maintenance, Joe’s business has got it all. He is a business graduate from University of Phoenix.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself?

I am born & raised in St. Louis, currently live in Cottleville, Missouri. I attended DeSmet Jesuit High School, and graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I had started a lawn-care company upon graduating high school that I sold in 2004 before starting Green Rx Lawn & Pest Solutions. Personally, I enjoy time with family, keeping active, traveling especially ski trips to the mountains, and donating to local charities, organizations!

What is Green Rx all about?

Green Rx is a locally owned company. We specialize in residential pest control and lawn fertilization programs. We also are a full service commercial maintenance company. We are locally owned and operated with a strong emphasis in giving back to our community thru donating our time and money to different local organizations and benefits. We also enjoy supporting other small businesses in Cottleville, where we operate our company. Green Rx also has a strong focus on providing a high level of service to our customers thru our experienced team members who are constantly growing their knowledge of the industry.

Talk to us about your team/staff.

All of our team members in the field, technicians and managers have 10+ years of experience and have all licenses, certifications, and continuing education credits pertaining to chemicals, chemical applications for lawn treatments and pest control treatments in addition to updated courses on various topics regarding lawn care, tree and shrub care, and various pests. All of our office staff also hold the same licenses, certifications, and continuing education credits. We have a real strong team environment within our company. We take a lot of pride in all of the extra education our staff has to add extra value to our customer’s through our knowledge & strong commitment to quality service.

So how did Joe Weiss get into the business world and why lawn care?

I had got into lawn care as a way to make extra income to fund college after graduating High School. After year 2 the company had grown so much that I put my college plans on hold to continue to grow my lawn care company. This was such a great success that I ended up selling the company after 7 years in business, returning to college, graduating, and working for a few larger companies within the industry before starting Green Rx Lawn and Pest Solutions. I have always had a passion for owning a company within the greens industry working to improve the environment thru caring for lawns, trees, shrubs and anything else to do with the outdoors.

What’s your one best achievement thus far?

Having Green Rx Lawn & Pest Solutions being featured in one of our industry magazines this past year to talk about how the mild weather has affected lawns & pest control issues in the Midwest and being featured in the St. Louis Business Journal was also an exciting experience.

What are your leisure time activities?

Favorite leisure activities include staying active, exercising, playing sports, traveling (especially skiing), and spending time with my family and dog!

Tell us something about you most people don’t know?

I am Elvis on the side a lot of times when we are donating our time and resources to local events, charities, fundraisers, etc… Guess the King is still alive (smiles).

Beer or wine?

Beer! I enjoy trying new and different types of beer at Exit 6 in Cottleville occasionally!

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