Rahul Bhatt – Headley and I

© Rahul Bhatt

Rahul Bhatt is a fitness trainer and film actor. He was part of the Indian television reality show, Bigg Boss 4. Rahul weighed over 250 pounds before he toiled hard at a gym to shape up his body – In his journey from an object of ridicule to Men’s Health cover model he took up fitness training as a profession, providing guidance and inspiration to others faced with a similar problem. Rahul is the center figure of Hussain Zaidi’s (a veteran crime reporter and author) latest book “Headley and I”. The book is based on Rahul’s brief familiarity with David Headley.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Describe yourself in three adjectives?

Sexy, Dangerous and slightly Damaged

How did you get into fitness training?

I was an overweight teenager and the rest.. you must pick up my book “Headley and I” to know more (smiles).

Apart from fitness training what other services you offer?

I specialize in Transformational training and Nutreucitucals

© Rahul Bhatt Talk to us about your acting aspiration.

I have and always aspired to be an action hero with emotional depth. I personally feel I am more Hollywood material where silence and eyes also act.

Between fitness and acting, which is your first love and why?

Well which ever pays more (smiles). I live by the mercenary motto (Care for no one, fight for anyone).

Who do you count as your mentor(s)?

My only mentor has been my life experiences

Any upcoming projects or initiatives you could like to mention?

Yes, like I mentioned earlier my book “Headley and I” is the current big project I have offered to the world to know more about me. The book has culminated into a great thrilling script and soon will take face of a slick movie.

When can we see you at Hollywood?

I am awaiting that phone call from Oliver stone (smiles).

What leisure activity brings you the most joy?

I must say its pumping iron and reading.

Thank you.