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Sydney Scott is a multi-talented Photographer and Fashion Enthusiast. She and her friend, Danielle Ronco, are the authors of the blog “O, Human Holiday!” Their focus is on, life in the city, fashion trends, makeup tips and tricks, and great places to go in the area. She manages her own photography business and is a freelance makeup artist for MAC cosmetics. She is a creative marketing expert and has been featured in a few commercials as well. And Sydney really hates tomatoes!

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

Thank you! Hello. I’m Sydney Scott.  I’m a part time photographer, freelance makeup artist and work full time doing marketing, advertising and graphic design. And now, a blogger! I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Fontbonne University and currently live in St. Louis.

Talk to us about your passion for fashion and makeup.

My passion for fashion honestly didn’t start until I started college. I worked part-time at Urban Outfitters and would spend my work days obsessively staring at clothing, accessories, shoes, you name it! Urban Outfitters didn’t have any sort of dress code that had to be followed, so I could experiment, change, alter or completely shake-up my style anytime I wanted…and I did! My passion for makeup has been 17 years coming! When I was young, my mother wouldn’t let us wear makeup until we were 13. We were allowed to wear a couple things, and then more products were added every year until age 16. After that, I could wear anything I wanted. This was a great lesson for me. Not only because, in my later years, I was able to see that you didn’t have to wear several products to be beautiful, but because I was forced to learn how to use each thing in different ways and really learn how to be precise with my makeup. Also, studying fine arts in college, I was constantly aware of color, design and style. This really helped me fine-tune my skill and look at makeup as a real art.

So what is “O, Human Holiday!” all about?

“O, Human Holiday!” is a blog that my great friend, Danielle Ronco, and I started at the beginning of the year. We talk about fashion trends, makeup tips and tricks, great places to visit in the St. Louis area, really anything we are inspired by. I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Danielle posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Every Sunday we collaborate on a post called “OHH! Trend Sundays”. This is where we take photos and post our favorite outfits of the week.

How do you get inspired?

I’m always keeping my eye open for new post opportunities. Each post is the outcome of something I have experience myself and can back-up 100%. I study makeup in magazines, online and love strive to try everything out for myself before I write about it. Believe it or not, I get most of my fashion inspiration from thrift stores. I love hunting and finding the amazing prints and styles that have been forgotten. Looking at the potential of each piece, I often turn those old and worn items into something new and fresh. I love writing about each find and what I think I may turn it into. Keeping an open mind and forcing myself to be creative with each thing I find or each makeup style I try, has made it really easy to have inspired blog topics. Fashion and makeup are always changing, but it’s harder to let go of the timeless things you personally have created and skills you have picked up along the way.

Describe your photography works.

I started my photography career doing black and white landscapes, weddings, family portraits etc. Within the past couple of years I have decided to stick to what I do best, portraiture. I still love to do engagement photo sessions. I love working with the couples, allowing them to have fun being in love and I make sure I capture each of those special moments. I love the various fashion and makeup styling used with various lighting techniques use in fashion and portrait photography. My method of fine-tuning these different techniques is to try everything out on myself first. I make sure I am fully comfortable with the technique before I try it on anyone else. It’s worked out well so far.

What are your long term goals?

Right now we’re taking our blog one day at a time. Our goal is to show you something new and exciting. We want our readers to try the tips and tricks we teach them and go to the restaurants and shops we rave about. We love the thought of being a reputable guide to city life and helping our readers look good while they’re there.

What are you leisure time activities?

I love lazy weekends with my boyfriend Paul. I always like trying out a new store or a new antique mall that I have never shopped before. I am a beekeeper as well. There’s nothing more relaxing than that. Making subtle movements and working a little at a time to tend to the hives, is as relaxing as yoga. Enjoying music is always a must. I play keyboard and sing in a band in St. Louis called “Palace”. We have played all over St. Louis and other parts of Missouri and are signed to small label in Kansas City, MO. Music is such a major part of my life and I’ve had some of the most fun playing with the amazing people in my band.

Coffee or Wine?

Definitely coffee! My boyfriend Paul is partner in a chocolate and coffee shop in Cottleville, MO called VB Chocolate Bar. I liked coffee before, but with his help and guidance, I’ve fallen in love with it! They do only hand-poured coffee from amazing roasters. Every last drink he’s introduced me to, has made me love it that much more.  Subsequently, He’s not bad either.

Thank you.

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