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Mike Ruffino is the representative of CharLi Charger USA for the Midwest region. CharLi is an innovative portable charging device for mobile phones, digital cameras, and other devices in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, salons, hotels, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, car dealerships…anywhere customers would need a phone recharge. Mike is also an Interventional Radiology Techie and has a ton of experience in the healthcare industry.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

I am Mike Ruffino an independent contractor of CharLi Charger USA. I am married to Jennifer Ruffino and have two beautiful girls Annie and Ally.  I have lived in St. Peters with my wife for fifteen years.  We both grew up in Florissant, MO.  I love spending time with my family.

What is CharLi Charger all about?

CharLi Charger is a unique cell phone charger that is great for public places. For example, bars, restaurants, hospital waiting rooms, and just about any place that people could run low on a charge.    CharLi is unique because it is rechargeable itself which allows the unit to be placed just about anywhere without cords. When fully charged, CharLi can charge up to 6 different phones, ipods, ipads, or camera’s.    We all know that phones are used to email, text, surf the web, face book, take photos, taking videos, GPS… oh …. and of course TALKING.

So how did you get into CharLi Charger business?

My wife and I would always go to bars are restaurants.  We both looked at each other while thinking out loud, “It would be great if we were able to charge our cell phones while out”. I then did some research and found such a product that was being manufactured in Italy. When I contacted the designer and manufacture, he put me in touch with a man by the name of Steve Jahn in the USA. Since then, Steve and I have been working together to put this great cell phone charger in public places.

What’s your short and long term goal with CharLi Charger?

My goal short term goal for CharLi is, to have it in place at as many places possible.  I think once business owners realize that having a CharLi charger in place will increase the return of customers and drive in new.  With having a CharLi charger in place, it can offer a great increase of service to the customers.

My long term goal is to stay up to date on all the changing of technology.  We all know that cell phone charging cords are always changing shapes and sizes. I hope to be able to give my ideas and thoughts to always make CharLi charger on top of the market.

Describe your family.

My family and I are very active.  Our girls are involved in many activities such as softball, ice skating, dance, and soccer.  Both girls attend the Academy of the Sacred Heart school in old town St. Charles.    Annie is in 4th grade and Ally is in 2nd grade. We have one dog name Emma and two fish. We as a family have many hobbies, traveling as a family, going to the park together, swimming, going to the lake, or just being together playing games or cards. My wife Jennifer works for Monsanto. Her job has her on the road traveling often to a variety of places including out of the country.

What are your leisure time activities?

When I have spare time, I really enjoy spending time with my family.  I also really enjoy playing golf with friends.  On Wednesday nights I play on a bocce ball league at the Tinder Box cigar shop in Cottleville MO.   I someday hope to have a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Beer or wine?

As far a beer or wine?  I enjoy both, if I had to choose, it would be beer.  Recently over the last five years, I have branched out and tried many different kind of beers.  I give credit to my good friend Lt. Col Doug Engel. When we were in Disney World with both of our families. Doug encouraged me to try beers other that the typical Busch products. I am really glad I did. We have so many choices of places to try beers, such as Exit Six brewery in Cottleville.

Thank you.   

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