Greenest Student On Earth

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Fiona Melgaard Neill, who lives in Denmark, is all focused on becoming the “Greenest Student On Earth” so as to win a scholarship at Green School Bali. She is fifteen, however this earth conscious girl has already proved a catalyst by inspiriting and spreading awareness related to the natural balance of our planet earth.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

Thank you so much! I am almost fifteen years old and I live in one of the biggest nature reserves in Denmark. I’ve always lived in Denmark, even though I have a Scottish farther, who lives nearby. I play a lot of different instruments, guitar, piano, mandolin and violin. I also love acting, listening to music and being outside. I have two cats and a rabbit. I attend a school for gifted children called Mentiqa.

How and why did you involve with the “Greenest School on Earth”.

We visited the lovely island Bali in 2008, and I soon found out that that was the place I wanted to be and we also meet a Balinese woman and her daughter and we became the best of friends. So we went back to Bali in 2010, 2012 and 2013, and in 2010 later we started looking for an International school in Bali and we found Green School Bali. Luckily the school is located only five kilometers from the town of Ubud where our friends live.

In 2013 we visited the school and they told us there was a contest called “The Greenest Student On Earth” where you should make a video explaining why you are the greenest student on earth. This is my only chance of attending Green School, since its financially out of reach for us.

So what is Green School Bali all about?

Green School is the greenest school on earth. They are very earth conscious about everything they do. The school is self-sufficient with water, solar power and they grow all the organic food for the students on the hills around the school. Green School also inspires the student to become creative, innovative green leaders! On top of that, they have a great music program for the students.

What are your initiatives in regards to earn the title “Greenest Student On Earth” and how could our readers help?

I have always been very aware of the environment, trying to recycle, up-cycle and reuse everything. Not just throw away and buy new. In my spare time, I have an acting job, as an elder troll, teaching small kids about how to care for the unique nature in the big bog where I live. I very rarely buy anything new. I love secondhand shops, it always amazed me have many perfectly fine things people throw out! Now I have entered this competition about being the greenest student on earth. The 1st price is one year scholarship at Green school (smiles). My only chance to have my dream come true is to win it! If you would like to help me, please click on the link below and enter your email address and press vote. Then you just have to confirm the mail they send you and you have voted.

Talk to us about your last experience on the Hindu ceremony at Bali last year.

The Hindu ceremony was held at the priests house in Ubud, Bali and our Balinese friends helped us with all the preparations with all the offerings. It was a ceremony to symbolize the passing from childhood to adult life. I went through many different rituals and purifications. It was a fantastic experience for me and something I will never forget.

How do you feel being a vegetarian and what’s you thought on organic food?

I have now been vegetarian for 2 years. I became a vegetarian because of the way animals are treated. A human being can easily live without meat. In fact, it would be healthier not to eat as much meat as some do. Some eat non-organic meat every night and it´s not something we humans need to survive. Meat should be seen as a treat, on Fridays you could get a beef of organic meat that comes from a happy cow, that´s been running around the field eating organic food. I just feel that meat is overrated and people shouldn´t eat as much as they do.  With all the meat humanity eats there is a lot that goes to waste and waste is not something we should be proud of. In fact, we have enough food on the earth to feed everybody right now, we´re just not using the resources the earth is providing in the right way, yet.

What’s your goal in life?

My goal in life is to be one of the many new thinking green leaders of the world that we´re already establishing now. Green School is the best place to study if you have a vision of a bright new green world, like I do.

Would you like to mention your mentors and/or role models?

We never had a lot of money, so I have right from my childhood been used to not buying new clothes and shoes. Instead we only bought second hand, and still do. So my mother and father has defiantly had an impact on the way I think, especially about money and spending them in the right way. Also The Beatles are a very big part of my life and I just love them so much, not just because of their fabulous music and extremely good looks, but the way they were; the way they changed the world with so much more than their music. John Lennon’s “GIve Peace A Change” and “People For Peace” campaigns had a great impact on the whole world. If you say the name John Lennon people connect it with “Peace”.

Describe your passion for music.

I have always played music. My dad is a musician and has played with Emmelie De Forest, who recently won Eurovision Song Contest. He introduced me to different instruments such as guitar, mandolin, ukulele and violin. I have thought myself to play the piano. I can hear the notes and then I just practice until I can play the classical piece with both hands, just by listening. I LOVE music; all sorts of music! Classical, Bollywood music, Scottish and Finnish folk music, pop and rock but most of all I love The Beatles. They are the best band ever!

Thank you.

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