“Show Me St. Louis” Coreen Savitski

Coreen Savitski © KSDK NewsChannel 5

Coreen Savitski is the reporter at Show Me St. Louis, KSDK NewsChannel 5. She holds Broadcast/Journalism degree from Columbia College Chicago. Coreen previously worked as a news anchor in Macon, Georgia. She also had the opportunity to intern in London at CNBC Europe and was employed as a production assistant at FOX Chicago-WFLD before working at WMGT and now KSDK.

Interviewed by Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself?

I moved to St. Louis and took a position with Show Me St. Louis on Channel 5 last summer. I’m from northern Illinois, but lived in Georgia for about five years before moving to the Show Me state.

How and why did you get into the world of Journalism?

I was one of those people who’s known what I wanted to do since I was young. I even have home videos of me interviewing my dolls and stuffed animals. So when it came time to choose a college, off to journalism school at Columbia College Chicago I went. I didn’t know anyone in the city at the time, but I knew that was the hands on program I needed to figure out if I really wanted to pursue my dreams of being a journalist.

Talk to us about your “Show Me St. Louis”.

Show Me St. Louis is different than anything I’ve been a part of before. My background is in hard news, crime and politics. However, when I saw the position for a feature reporter in the wonderful Midwestern city of St. Louis I knew it was for me. I’ve only lived here for a year now, but I know more about what’s new in St. Louis than a lot of my friends who have lived here forever. I’ve really tried to embrace the city and all it has to offer!

What’s the best thing about working as a television reporter?

My favorite part about working as a reporter is getting to talk to people every day and tell their stories.  Sure we have bad hours and have to work holidays, but at the end of the day I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

How do you get inspired?

The people I get to meet in this business are the source of my inspiration. Everybody has a different goal and passion and I get to learn about it first-hand.  What could be more inspiring than that (smiles)?

Any upcoming projects or initiatives you would like to mention?

Show Me St. Louis has a strange time, 12:30 weekdays, but a lot of people tell us they like to watch on their lunch break.

How would you advise people to prepare themselves for a career in TV journalism?

When I have the opportunity to talk with aspiring journalists I make sure they understand that it’s not as glamorous as they might think (we do our OWN hair and makeup). You really have to have a passion for news and storytelling. I was willing to move across the country to the middle of nowhere when I first graduated from college, not that everyone does that, but if you’re not at least willing then it might not be the best career choice for you.

What are your leisure time activities?

I love to travel anywhere and everywhere. I work out at a crossfit gym most mornings. This is a great way to meet people when you’re new to a city and push your strength! I never know what kind of story I’ll be sent to (racing military guys through the mud, flying the trapeze) so I try to stay active. I love spending time outside with my Yorkie “Holly”. If I could go to a baseball game once a week life would be good!

Thank you.

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