Jo’s Fifth Street Pub

JoAnne Mannino Geile

JoAnne Mannino Geile is the owner of Cottleville’s (Missouri) oldest and region’s unique basement bar, Jo’s 5th St. Pub. Jo, the most experienced business women in the bar business, is very family oriented, and herself comes from a sizable family.  Her bar has been open for over a decade and isn’t planning on quitting anytime soon. She offers great drink specials as well as fun and entertainment on different nights.

Interview by Lindsay Vlassos

Welcome to OpenBeast! How long have you had your bar business open?

I have had my bar open for fifteen years on 9/11. I opened it on my cousins birthday.

What has made your business success?

My family and my customers. My customers are very loyal, have literally stayed with me “til the end”. Plus my loyal customers would bring in friends, which would make my friends circle grow. Which those friends also become my loyal customers.

What do you offer at Jo’s Pub?

We offer shuffleboard on Monday’s, which we are about to add another night too. We have a ladies night. Saturday night is karaoke night, and I am thinking about also having a trivia night. I am definitely wanting to bring in a younger crowd as well.

Why did you choose Cottleville?

My brother Carmen owns Mannino’s Market. He suggested that there was a bar in his basement and I took the chance and opened Jo’s. Cottleville is also a great place to have a business, it is a great and growing community.

Lindsay Vlassos and Jo

I am actually in retirement right now (smiles)! I have been hiring new people to bar tend on different nights. I have them take charge of their own night, create their own following. Even though I am in retirement people ask me why I don’t just sell or shut the bar down. I tell them that I am not tired of it to give it up, I love this place.

What are your favorite activities outside of the bar?

I love spending time with my family. I run my errands and relax. I love movies! Saturday night is my movie night. If someone asks me what I am doing on a Saturday night I always say that I am busy, that is my movie night! My favorite movie is probably Grease, but I do like action movies an awful lot as well.

Talk to us about your family.

I had one daughter that passed away, another daughter, and five grandchildren. I also have two sisters and two brothers. And not to forget Tom, my husband (smiles).

What is your favorite drink that you have served here at Jo’s?

The Rojo Special! It has rum, Malibu rum, Banana Schnapps, Captain Morgan, orange juice, pineapple juice, and Grenadine. It’s a very “foo-foo” drink and delicious.

Thank you!