Kyle Novak – A Rising Star

Kyle Novak is a rising star before the world’s eyes.  Kyle played hockey at Francis Howell Central (Cottleville, Missouri), then went on to play for the Green Bay Gamblers, Wisconsin (Tier 1 junior ice hockey team in the East Division of the United States), and now attends Western Michigan University.  Kyle is a determined athlete who is on the fast track to success.

Interview by Lindsay Vlassos

Welcome to OpenBeast Kyle! Can you tell us about yourself?
My name is Kyle Novak, I am 20 years old. Born and brought up in St. Louis, Missouri. I attend Western Michigan on a hockey scholarship and hockey is pretty much my life.

What made you choose hockey?

Growing up watching my brother play all the time got me to start playing outside and years of that led to roller hockey and onto ice hockey.

Who would you say is your role model? Why?

I would have to say my dad is my biggest role model or has had the biggest influence on me because he constantly pushes me to get better. And obviously him and my mom make traveling all over the world for hockey possible.

Do you have a specific song you listen to or ritual you do before each game?

Surprisingly unlike most athletes I do not have any rituals or traditions on game day (smiles).

You were just in a tournament in Germany I hear, can you tell us how that was?

Germany was an unbelievable experience being able to represent your country in an overseas tournament is an honor. The city was great and the people were awesome so it made for a great trip. The highlight of the trip was winning what we were there for and that was a gold medal. We won the championship against Team Sweden 6-3.

What is next for you?

Up next for me is my college career, and developing my game.

Who’s your favorite hockey team?

St. Louis Blues/Anaheim Ducks

Other than hockey, what is your next favorite thing to do?

Other than hockey, I just like to relax and do whatever!

What do you like to do when you come home on your breaks?

On my short/minimal breaks at home I like to spend time with my family, friends, and girlfriend since I never get to see them!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years I see myself playing in the National Hockey League

Thank you.