Mind, Body & Spirit by Dr. Teresa

IMG_5233Dr. Teresa Hazelwood, D.C., is a well-known chiropractor physician, who has her practice located in Cottleville, Missouri.  She is passionate about the “Teaching the art of wellness”.  She is very dedicated to her teachings as well as her patients. Just by talking to her for a short time, I could already tell how passionate she is about her work. Dr. Hazelwood takes pride in the fact that she is a full body physician, not just the physical fully body, but mind, body, and spirit.  She is a graduate from Logan and has been doing this for over sixteen years.

Interview by Lindsay Vlassos

Dr. Hazelwood owns another business with her significant other in lawn fertilization, Green RX Lawn & Pest Solutions. She was sharing with me about how the lawn business was similar to her being a chiropractor. How one has to have the right nutrients for their yard, just like one has to have the right nutrients for the body. How one has to watch what they put into their body. I felt that was fascinating!

Dr. Teresa Hazelwood has always wanted to be in the medical field. A little bit of history, she was in a very bad car accident and suffered bad back problems from it. She saw a chiropractor sign, went in and got adjusted. This was the first time in two years she had no headache. And that experience created curiosity for her on this field of study. During then she was at a crossroads in her life; this pushed her towards her journey of becoming a chiropractor. When I asked her what motivates her, she says, “What really motivates me is a lifestyle change, the whole aspect. Mind, body, spirit… to not just survive, but thrive.”

IMG_5228“I offer chiropractic services, wellness coaching, weight loss programs, detoxification programs, life coaching, energy work, extensive cranial technique, etc.”, Hazelwood had pointed out.

How did she find all these different techniques? Hazelwood replies, “My journey out of school. My path gave me my techniques. Gift is today not tomorrow”.

In her free time she loves to travel and do new unique and exotic things. “I like to work on myself.  Mind, body, nature”, says Hazelwood.

I asked Dr. Hazelwood if she could meet anyone, deceased or living, who would it be and why? Hazelwood replies, “Wayne Dyer. I have already met him, but I would love to have a day to just pick his brain. He pushed and helped me on my path”.

Being an entrepreneur, what is one challenge she faces being a woman?  “Balance. Between my family and my career”, Hazelwood says. “I have sacrificed a lot to where I am at now”.

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