Kaine and not Caine!

Kaine, © Joey Zo

Kevin Schell is an up and coming musician and entertainer that has only just begun.  Kevin, stage name Kaine, is a rapper and a break-dancer who is looking to build a dedicated team who he can promote his music and talents.  Kevin is a 25 year old who is from St. Charles, Missouri who is well on hi way to the music career that he desires.

Interview by Lindsay Vlassos

Kevin has performed at many venues, such as:  The Pagaent on the Delmar Loop, Fubar, and Misty Nights in St. Peters.  Kevin has also opened up for rapper Lil Wyte.  When I asked Kevin what new projects could he tell me about he responded, “Well, I rap music.  So right now I am planning a 12 city tour.”  I asked if he could tell me which cities he will be performing at and all the cities are not concrete yet, but he did add, “Definitely for my hometown fans, and in Grand Junction, Colorado.”  He is planning on doing shows in Miami, California, and Chicago as well.

“I’m just trying to push my name out there and be seen.” Kevin adds.

Kevin performs at Misty Nights quite often.  The best way to keep up on his work and where he might be next would be on his Facebook page.

I asked what he likes to do in his spare time, he replies, “I really don’t have a lot of free time due to writing my music, but when I do have free time I am watching my St. Louis sports teams.”

When I asked Kevin who he looked up to or saw as a role model he responded, “Ihave a lot of role models.  Though musically my role models are Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly, and Tech Nine.”  I also asked him where does he initially want to end up, or where does he see himself in the next few years.  Kevin responds, “I look at where I want to end up and I see no ceiling.  But with that being said I want my music heard across the globe.”

Between the dub talents he shows in entertainment, Kevin Schell is definitely one person we need to be keeping our eye on the lookout for.