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Dr. Pauline Dinakar is the founder of TULIP New Life Trust, a Christian Ministry among the Substance Abusers and Drug Addicts. It’s a project which commenced as a doctoral research project that turned into a research with a mission with the objective to rehabilitate drug-addicts and alcoholics in the slums of India. She is also the Research Assistant at National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA). Her studies have focused on the prevalence of HIV infection among the intravenous drug users (IVDUs). Dr. Pauline is also an author and speaker and lives in New York.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

I am Pauline Dinakar Daniel, who loves to make a difference in people’s lives. Married to a Reuben Daniel and am blessed with one daughter and two sons. I started as a researcher and currently the president of TULIP NEW LIFE trust. I was born in Libya and grew up with an elementary schooling experience in Nigeria and then moved to India. My parents have been amazing role models all through my life for which I am so thankful to God. Currently, I work as a research consultant for the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS in New York and remotely manage activities of TNL with the help of very active and dedicated team in India.

What is TULIP New Life Trust all about?

The word TULIP explains what TNL is all about:
The TULIP new life is an outreach to rehabilitate, educate and provide spiritual guidance to the substance abusers, tribals and the HIV infected orphans. TULIP stands for…
T- Totally depraved
U- Unlimited
L- Love of God
I- Irresistible
P- Perseverance

So what inspired you to do what you do?

From early school days I saw the poverty and needs around me and was moved with compassion for the underprivileged. I realized this was God’s purpose for my life. This strong compassion during school days turned into a passion to reach out to those in need. When I got to the stage of doing my doctoral degree, the skyrocketing rise in HIV/AIDS called the attention of researchers. The most neglected population among the HIV infected were the injecting drug users. I carried out a pilot study in this population and finally took it up as my research area for the next 5 years (2004-2009).

What’s the overall mission for TULIP?

The TULIP NEW LIFE TRUST’s mission is to reach out to the lost and marginalized segment of substance abusers and children infected with HIV/AIDS in India with the best possible services, in order to uplift them up to see the ‘new life’ they could live in Christ.

Describe your team.

Actually, the members of my team can be seen at My team consists of highly motivated and dedicated individuals. The community director, Mr. Raj. Benjamin, continues to takes a lot of effort to build a good rapport with the substance abusers and all our team members join to do “life changing” work in the society.

Talk to us about your work at NBLCA.

At NBLCA, I work as a research consultant and evaluate projects of OFFICE OF MINORITY HEALTH taken up by NBLCA.

For our readers who would like to help, how can they get in touch?

Sure I can be reached at (732) 816-1122

What are your leisure time activities?

Composing songs, playing my guitar and singing, tailoring.

Thank you

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