Gangor – Priyanka Bose

Photo by Mark Bennington and dress by designer Nikhil Thampi

Priyanka Bose is a multitalented and progressive Bollywood actress, known for both Hindi and Bengali films, Gangor, Sold, Shunyo Awnko, Oaas and Gulaab Gang to name a few. She is one of the most talented actresses in The Indian film Industry and her power packed performance as a tribal woman in Italian director Italo Spinelli`s ‘Gangor’ brought her international fame. Priyanka is more known for interesting projects centric to women issues.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

I am an Actor, raised in India and want to reach out every corner of the world, where my work and interest will allow me. Having brought up with stories, telling stories as an actor is most intriguing to me. I am a Methodist and I won’t rest till I get it right. I am awkward in large groups and love collaborating with like-minded people.

What would you consider as your one best gig or achievement thus far?

They say “you are as good as your last show”, this occurred to me when I saw Gangor recently again. I realized that if I had to redo everything in the film, I would. So yeah, when I first watch a film I have done, I cannot be objective at all. All I am thinking at the time is, I hope I have done a good job. But only after watching it probably thrice, I get a good sense of the whole picture. I am proud of Gangor, since it was my first film and also won me the best actress award in New Jersey. For me it’s the journey which has to be more memorable and usually is the better teacher. Having said that, the process involved in the making of the play, NIRBHAYA by Yael Farber, is probably something I’ll take to my grave. I have learnt so much, breaking and falling apart, emotionally and physically and then joining back together. We are still travelling with this play and hopefully travel to US soon, where you will finally get to see what I mean (smiles).

Talk to us about your passion on women issues.

I am a woman, in the truest sense. And I realized only recently that being and growing up in India, women have become issues. I do not want equal rights, because these are not the rights I have made that I have to fight for or stand for. All I know is, that these so-called rights are make belief, which someone who was bored one day, defined that these are the things a man does and these are things a woman does. I am just making my own rules and I am passionate about those things. I am raising myself in a world where I believe I can do anything and the only thing that stops me, if ever, are my own fears, so me being a man or a woman is hardly ever a question. On a regular basis in dealing or living a life in Mumbai, I feel I am invisible. Why because, in five days out of ten, people, especially men, won’t even look at me while they talk to me. If I was with a guy, the question is directed towards him, about me, with me standing there. I am changing that slowly. I don’t have to change the world in a day, I just want to want to be looked at in my eyes when I speak to you. Not at any other body part, but me. So coming back to your question, these are just basic passionate ideas I have for a simple and true existence.

Tell us about your Hollywood project.

There is only one so far, although I want to do many more (smiles). SOLD is a story by Patricia Mcmormick, directed by Jeffery D brown. It’s a story about a thirteen year old girl who is sold to a brothel by a relative in India. It’s a story which happens still in India and far as my research, many other places in the world. Hopefully this will open up interests for individuals who are able to help to stop this big racket. Sold is travelling within the festival circuit, and hopefully will have a release soon.

Any upcoming project or initiatives you would like to discuss?

Right now, I am confirmed to be in Sarthak Dasguptas, “The Music Teacher”. It has Nawazzuddin Siddique and a really lovely Hollywood actress, I have been looking forward to working with. We are slated to go on the floors later this year.

What are you leisure time activities?

I eat healthy and I work out. I know, working out might not be such a leisure activity for most, but for me it is. I love and have new found respect for the form my body has taken and I want to push every limit there is. Because of this I cook a lot and it is my stress buster. I am very proud of it too. If I am ever bored of acting, I do want to consider feeding people as a profession.

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