Prime Minister’s host Dr. Barai

Dr. Bharat Barai

Dr. Bharat Barai, Oncologist, Chairman of the Medical Board in Indiana and the President of the Indian American Community Foundation, is the principal organizer of the biggest Indian political spectacle in the US; the Community Reception event at Madison Square Garden for The Honorable Prime Minister of India SHRI NARENDRA MODI. Earlier, Dr. Barai had raised funds for President Barack Obama during the presidential elections.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast, Dr. Bharat Barai. How did you manage to convince the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to visit your reception event?

That is a question you should ask the Prime Minister (smiles). From my vantage point, the Prime Minister recognizes that many people around the world believe in his vision for the future of India. USA has the largest Indian diaspora in the Western World and was natural place for him to share his vision and mission.

What inspired you to organize such a mega timely event?

The sheer popularity of this Prime Minister creates unprecedented opportunity to bring together the Indian American community to show our ambitions to strengthen the relationship between the great democracies America and India, particularly under the leadership of President Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

So why is such an expensive invite-only event free?

To make sure it was open and accessible to anyone who wanted to attend, and to give our community an opportunity to come together towards such a significant vision of shared values and cooperation.

What is Indian American Community Foundation all about?

IACF is a not-for-profit promoting cooperation between the United States and India and advancing the shared values of democracy, inclusive economic development, and mutual respect.

What would you think this event’s impact be, from an India America relationship perspective.

Bringing together a diverse community that represents the ~4 million Indian Americas at this scale and size is a symbol of the community’s desire to see cooperation and collaboration across America and India.  Hopefully this is the beginning of long journey of two great democracies working towards a more prosperous, peaceful, equitable, and just world.

Thank you for the interview!

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