Emerging Past with Krista Grotte

Krista GrotteKrista Grotte is an ward winning actress and fitness model from Minneapolis. Krista has been in various short films and has many upcoming features in production. After getting her start in the short film “Filthy” Krista became known as the scream queen of horror. She has appeared in various fitness magazines including American Curves and Fit Models International.

Interview by Gloria Star

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

Hello and thanks for having me. I am an award winning Actress and nationally published Fitness Model. After my first short “Filthy”, where I played an inbred transient named Pussey, I soon become known as a Scream Queen of Horror. “Filthy” had a successful run on the festival circuit across the country and earned over 22 awards. That’s where it all began.

How did you get started in the fitness and entertainment industry?

Beginning in elementary school, I have always been naturally into the arts. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I took acting classes for fun at Venue Theatre. An assignment we had was to get our head-shot done and write up a (small) resume and submit it to castings. I received a call to audition for the trailer chick role in “Filthy”, and I booked the part. As soon as I read the character, I knew I had it (laughs).

Tell us more about your experience as a fitness model.

Fitness and Acting has been a part of me since elementary school. I loved, loved Linda Hamilton in Terminator. I wanted to be built like her back then. I used to watch my dad, (one of the few times I spent with him) and the guys bench in my uncles basement and I wanted to bench with them.  I asked my mom for my first weight set for Christmas. It was the kind you filled the plastic weight plates with water or dirt. But it worked. I have weight trained ever since.

After my first movie “Filthy”, I built my website to promote my work and soon found myself shooting with internationally recognized photographers. I was lucky enough to shoot for and be featured in American Curves Magazine , Fit Models International Magazine, appear on The Bubba The Lovesponge Show, attended the Playboy Mansion leather meets lace Party hosted by Jenny McCarthy and obtained more movie roles to name a few.

How do you keep up your great physique?

I train five to six days a week and eat as clean as possible, however, it is without completely depriving myself. I love dessert, just not everyday. I am much stricter with my diet during competition season, which I have just gotten into. So please wish me luck for next NPC season!

Tell us more about your experience as an actress.

I have worked on about 16 movies. The most recent include “Illusions” and “Lazarus”.  I have a series of films in pre-production. The one I am most excited about right now is “Emerging Past, The Director’s Cut”. “EP” is currently in post production. The original Emerging Past made a festival run and I won best Actress at the Full Moon Horror Film Festival in Nashville. This award was especially important because there was nothing political behind it as I have seen with local fests in Orlando and Tampa. I have also won Best Actress at Florida’s prestigious Crystal Reel Awards. For a full list of movies, check out and There are so many fun stories behind every movie I have worked on. The people are the best in the world. I also co-hosted episodes of Born To Ride TV.

Tell us about the movie Emerging Past.

Brooke McCarter and I worked on Herschell Gordon Lewis’ movie “The Uh-Oh Show” and he soon after signed on to do “Emerging Past”. Brooke was thoughtful enough to refer me for the lead role as Pamela Garrett. I was soon in conversations with Thomas Churchill and the rest is history. This role was by far the deepest, most intense role for me. I didn’t look like me,

I didn’t feel like me, it almost feels as if it wasn’t me. We were so immersed in the world of EP. It was intense to say the least.

The movie was shot in Queens, Ny with some pickup shots filmed in California. Thom is a brilliant storyteller, writer and Director. Truly talented with a great future ahead of him. I, myself cannot wait to see the new Emerging Past, it is a totally different movie from the previous version and it is completely Thom’s vision. I will be inviting you all to the premiere.

What is your favorite project you worked on so far?

Great question, each one has their own unique story and memorable experience. The Uh-Oh Show was like being on the set of Scooby Doo. “Filthy” was a Horror dream come true. Emerging Past was just insane intensity.

Are there any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

Please watch for my upcoming films and NPC shows. Check out my site for more info:

Thank you.