Turn the Leaf – Arti Naidu

Arti Naidu (c) Jason Harynuk

Arti Naidu is a Vancouver based model of Fijian decent. Naidu has been professionally modeling since 2011. Naidu has worked with various photographers and produces many of her own photo shoots. Naidu has worked with Canadian brands such as Fenntessa Swimwear, Vancity Originals Brand, and Urban Thai Bistro for print and online campaigns. She has also been featured in music videos such as “Like You Don’t Know” and “Paranoia” by La Artist Billionaire B and a video with Terell Safadi called “Turn the Leaf”.

Interview by Gloria Star

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

Hello OpenBeast! Well I was born in Vancouver and grew up in Burnaby. My Parents are from Fiji they immigrated to Vancouver about 40 years ago. Although I’m Canadian, I definitely stay true to my Fijian/Indian heritage.

How did you get started in the world of modeling?

I think I must have been fifteen or sixteen when I first started to take pictures for my friends that were getting into Photography. After that I would set up creative shoots just for fun. It wasn’t until I was twenty two that I decided to take it more seriously and start to build a portfolio. I started to network and talk to people around the city that were professional photographers and makeup artist and that’s how I got started.

Tell us more about your experience as a model.

I love modeling. For me it’s a creative outlet I get to create an image and portray a character. I love it when people don’t recognize me in my pictures, that’s the point! I want their reaction to be “wow that’s you!” I feel like people are so complex and I get to explore different sides of me through my pictures and then present it to the world as my art. The great thing about that is that I get to put my team together every time I have an idea and work with people that see my vision. It’s a complete creative collaboration with everyone on the team from the makeup artist, the stylist and photographer. I get to play dress up and nothing better than that (smiles).

What was your strangest modeling experience?

I haven’t had any really strange experiences but sometimes you have to get used to working with different personalities especially if it’s not your project. I have had interesting moments with that but honestly I don’t have nothing too juicy for you (laughs).

What has been your favorite gig so far?

Hmm my favorite gig… that’s a hard one I’ve been part of some really cool videos, the most recent one just came out by the Canadian Artist Terell Safadi called “Turn the Leaf”. It was my first time really acting on camera but a lot of fun. I’ve been part of so many projects it’s hard to choose my favorite. I did another project last year where an LA Artist Billionaire B took some of my modeling pictures and turned them into drawings. We sold that calendar and donated the money to provide art classes for kids. That was a really rewarding project!

What tips would you give to young girls starting out in modeling?

My main advice for girls starting in modeling would be to follow your gut and stay true to yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the glamour and girls forget a video and a picture once published or released on the internet will be there forever. So be mindful of your images.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

When I’m not modeling I actually have a day job… I’m an Esthetician by trade and I work at a spa in one of Vancouver’s Top spas. But when I’m not working either of my jobs I like to do yoga, read and write anything to relax me from the go go lifestyle I live. I’m also very social so I keep busy with my friends and family.

Are there any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

At the moment my focus is on producing published work and working with more apparel lines. So nothing too specific I can speak about just yet but there’s a lot more work coming out for the end of the year and for early next year. Will keep posted about my new projects on my Instagram @IamLove604

Thank you for your time!

Thanks OpenBeast for chatting with me.