“Empire” Lindsay Harmon

drLindsay Harmon is a versatile Actress/Model, Entrepreneur, Meteorologist and a Broadcast Journalist from St. Louis, Missouri. She has recently appeared on the on Fox’s new hit television show “Empire” and “The Next Great Burger” airing on Esquire. We may catch a glimpse of her in upcoming episodes of Chicago PD, First Dates, and as an extra in the Divergent Series. Her other projects include “The Adventures of the Emperor of the Fu Dogs”, “Midwest Hustler”, “Big Brother and Itchy Show”, “Morbid Curiosity” and so on. Lindsay has been a Director at Stray Rescue of Saint Louis for several years and will soon be opening her own shelter for shy, feral, and special needs dogs . She has a degrees in Meteorology, Broadcast Journalism, and Science.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

I am a very ambitious and well rounded person. I enjoy alot of things and do not like only following one path. I live in South Saint Louis with my pups and work on the foreclosure I bought as my home. I spend alot of my time with feral dogs, building my butterfly garden at my house, acting, and anything else that sounds interesting.

okapiHow and why did you venture into the modeling and acting industry?

I think that I was drawn to the modeling world because I am kind of a tomboy. I love sports, cars, animals, and those types of interest can be a little dirty. Modeling always gave me the chance to feel pretty. I modeled for the VuVu Stone collection. This appealed to me because of the tremendous amount of charity work the designer does. I am definitely drawn to those who want to help others.

Ever since being a little kid I would have sleepovers, and instead of the typical activities, my friends and I would make commercials and little tv shows. I have so many interests in life, that acting allows me to take on some of the roles I would otherwise never get to experience. One of the biggest projects I did as a kid was film, produce, and direct the re-enactment of The Monty Python casting my sister and brother in roles also. Its definitely comedic.

Talk to us about your current and upcoming projects?

My biggest current project is my new rescue. Also this weekend I am going to Chicago to film a reality show called First Dates. Right now I am looking for a speaking role and potentially an agent to pursue my SAG so that I can expand my acting career. The more people I meet along the way, the more donations I hope to get for the feral dogs! I also recently started a FB page Sports Weather Girl, for the local sports enthusiast. Providing them weather details for games in the area.

lindsay3What do you at the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis?

Currently I focus on the feral dogs which has led to me starting a rescue of my own. I am currently looking for a building to use for my rescue “The Feral Companion”. It will be a rescue and rehabilitation center for shy, feral, and special needs dogs. So many dogs get euthanized because they wont respond to people because they are so scared. I want to save as many as I can and get them into loving homes.

What is Okapi all about?

Okapi is an art company I started; Art for the animals. I paint a variety of animal art, but every purchase allows 10% to go towards a rescue, sanctuary, or protection agency for animals around the world and locally. Recently we adopted a Fennec Fox and a Snow Owl and our donations will go towards helping those animals. Its a way for people to help the animals but still get to take a fun piece of artwork home in the process.

How do you get inspired?

I am inspired by the beauty found in life that is sometimes overlooked. Animals who cant help and protect themselves. The really interesting things that plants can do. The magnificence of a thunderstorm. I want to give back to nature as a thank you for all of the wonderful things it provides for us!

What are your leisure time activities?

I don’t seem to have much leisure time, I find excitement and fun in all of the activities that I pursue. I do enjoy camping and being out in nature, with no phone and just enjoying all of the critters and surroundings. Sometimes its relaxing to just sit still and take in your surroundings.

Thank you.