One and Only “Jack”

Robbie "Jack" JohnsonRobbie “Jack” Johnson, St. Louis based entrepreneur and well-known in the healthcare recruiting industry, is the founder of Medicorp, Physician Empire and Profiles (nations first Graduating Physician Database). He is the brainchild of a simple yet effective approach to the physician recruiting process that has proven productive all over the healthcare industry. Recently Profiles was acquired and since then Mr. Johnson has been pretty much “living the dream”. Since eleven years old he was playing guitar and now has a ton of guitars in his collection at his beautiful home at Weldon Springs, Missouri.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself and your business.

I started my career in various sales jobs and had been passionate about what I done. Later I got a chance in a recruiting business and they trained me on the core business. Not very long, I was getting into the game pretty good, and became the top producer. At that point it was obvious to me that I found my niche plus I thought I could do better on my own. So I did (smiles). Bought my first office desk for $65 at a Boeing auction and started my own business in my living room in a rented house in Springfield, Missouri. A year later I moved back to St. Charles and rest is history.

About your mentors.

My mentor in life is John Lauderdale, Sr. He would always tell his story and invested time with me. My father died when I was young, so I always took any good man’s advice growing up and this man was the only one I knew who had make something for himself, he was very wealthy, but he was just a good old boy. He always had the right answer for me. In fact the best words of wisdom to me, when I was thinking of starting my own business, “you have been successful in everything you have done so far, but let me tell you the most important part of this, you got nothing to lose” (laughs). So I took a big risk!

Talk to us about your passion for music.

r2Back around 1973 Grand Funk Railroad hit me hard and I wanted to be Mark Farner (laughs). So me and my buddy started a band and been playing ever since. I didn’t achieve anything with it except for enjoying it! But later on as I started making a little bit of money, my toys were guitars and now I have a house full of cool guitars (smiles). I couldn’t make a living playing any of them and so these are just for looks (laughs). But it’s the thing I love the most, playing guitar – a good way to release stress!

So what are your leisure time activities?

Being semi-retired now, I am trying to figure all that out (smiles). Been doing a little bit traveling since I got released from work. I have a boat at Lake of Ozarks, and it’s only a couple of hour ways so some weekends I get to have some fun out there. Enjoying life is my game plan. I busted everything to get here and now I am going to enjoy, hopeful for a long time (smiles). I was told by my mentor years ago, don’t work so long you can’t enjoy it (smiles).

Thank you.