Fit Rx – Sarah Walentynowicz

Fit RxSarah Walentynowicz is the founder of Fit Rx LLC, a personal training company based out of Cottleville, Missouri. Also a personal Trainer at Dudas Fitness, Sarah is a health enthusiast, writer and an avid baker. She had worked in the fitness industry since 2006, with a passion of helping others achieve their potential through fitness and healthy behaviors.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

Where do I begin (smiles)? For as long as I can remember, I have been involved with fitness and exercise. At fourteen, my parents got me my first gym membership, and I knew I had found my passion. I loved the way exercise made me feel and feel about myself, and I decided to make a career of it! I got my first personal training certification in 2006 and have been helping my clients achieve their goals ever since. I also spent some years as the Program Chair of the Fitness Trainer department at Missouri College, and have loved educating up and coming personal trainers. In my personal life, I have a wonderful family and love spending time with my boyfriend and friends!

So talk to us about your passion for health and fitness.

I have experienced such a positive change in my life since incorporating health and fitness. I wanted to find a way to help others find those positive changes as well. A career in personal training does that for me. I am so motivated by my clients’ successes. To me, there is nothing better in the world than helping people achieve something they never knew was possible. I have helped clients who have battled cancer gain strength and endurance. I have helped countless clients lose weight for an event like a wedding or vacation. I have helped athletes achieve their personal best on the field and in races. That’s what it’s all about for me: helping others find new levels of fitness and have fun while doing so.

Any upcoming projects, initatives or events you would like to mention?

For the month of October, I am offering a new client special where you can get 5 fifty minute personal training sessions for only $60 each!  On a continuous basis, I will be offering complimentary consultations to those interested in learning about their current fitness level and how I can help them achieve their goals!

How could our readers get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with me via email (sarahfitrx AT gmail DOT com), phone (314-952-6543 or at Dudas Fitness 636-477-6353) or by visiting and clicking on “Get Started”.  I offer semi-private personal training, private personal training, and group classes to help my clients reach their goals.

What are your leisure time activities?

In my leisure time, I love to relax by reading a good book or doing something active outdoors (like bike riding or kayaking)! I also really enjoy taking recipes that are unhealthy and altering them to make them healthier and more nutritious.

Thank you.

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