Dress to ADoor by Chrissy Sargent

Chrissy Sargent

Chrissy Sargent

Chrissy Sargent, a native of St. Louis, is the co-founder of the trendsetter online fashion store, “Dress to ADoor”. Apart from been a successful real estate agent, she is also a marketing executive in the healthcare and pharamacy industry.

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D.

Welcome to OpenBeast. Tell us about yourself.

Hello and thank you.  I am, as you mentioned, a native of STL growing up in Florissant, MO.  My absolute first love before fashion was sports. I lived, breathed, ate, slept, drank sports as a child. My dream was to be an Olympic athlete someday. But my life took a different course as I found I was pregnant in high school. Aside from those younger days and my younger self, those that know me now or even my longtime friends know I am passionate about life. I value my friendships and I always ask myself, ” what can I be doing differently, better,  or more of that I am currently not doing.”

What is “Dress to ADoor” all about?

“Dress to ADoor” is about wanting women to feel amazing! As the saying goes, “when you look good you feel good” and every woman deserves to look and feel great; without costing you your paycheck to do so. We have the latest trends and fashions and we are “bringing the boutique to you” through either our online website or by reaching out and we will come to your door (locally in Chicago and STL) with our traveling boutique.

Given this age of online shopping, what is unique about your business?

Yes, this day and age there are quite a bit of choices when it’s comes to online shopping. Which is good and bad. You have to be careful ordering from a lot of these other online websites. The clothes are typically super cheap for a reason. The material is tragically thin, and not sewn or made properly. What you order is not even the same piece you will get when you receive it. At Dress to ADoor, not only are we local here in the US, but what you see is what you get. The item or clothing piece you see online and order will be the same thing that arrives at your door. Not a “different” version of what you saw online.

Talk to us about your vision on giving back to the community via your business.

Our vision for giving back to the community was really something that got the entire ball rolling with Dress to ADoor. It was the catalyst and reason for creating it along with our passion for fashion.  We have both been in a tough place in life being single teen moms years ago. And all of us here on this earth have at one time or another gone through a struggle or may be struggling presently. So we wanted to make sure that we didn’t forget the struggle but honored the struggle by giving back to our local communities and helping uplift those that may be have fallen on tough times. When consumers are buying from they are also helping their local communities and individuals get back on their feet.

What are you leisure time activities?

Haha. Well between my oldest daughter and my grandkids and then my middle daughter going off to college recently and my son’s hockey, my leisure time is simply that. It is very leisure. I like to slow things down for a minute, I love to meditate and just reflect on life.

Thank you.

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