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Minnie Phipps, a multi-talented Irish actor, answers my questions about her career and future plans. Minnie was fun to talk with and we are very excited to publish this interview! 

Interview by Stephen Thompson, Ph.D. 

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OpenBeast: Good morning Minnie, welcome on “OpenBeast”! Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Good morning! I’m happy to be talking with you here at OpenBeast! Well, my name is Minnie Phipps I’m 20 and I’m an Irish actress, I have been acting since I was eight years old and I’ve just finished college where I studied it for three years. I am moving over to L.A in the coming months and hope to pursue my career there (and no doubt wait tables for a while too!) and to get representation when I arrive so that I can jump into the film and TV industry ASAP! I also am a singer and occasionally I write my own stuff too as I also play guitar. I am really in love with the arts and have such a passion for them that I can’t see myself doing anything else!  If I had to describe myself in three adjectives they would probably be : Compassionate, determined and fun-loving.

You have an interesting portfolio with a balanced set of theater, improvisation, dance and musical crafts. When did you first decide that you wanted to be an actor?

Acting was something I grew up around, my dad was always involved with plays and he is also a musician so it kind of all came naturally to me. I started acting when I was eight in our local theatre school and then as I got older I joined the local youth theatre group and became really interested in taking it, and music, very seriously. I guess I made the decision when I had to choose what college course I was going to do and it was between Acting and Music. I had done a few courses in theatre with a school called the Gaiety School of Acting and been in a couple of plays in a profesional theatre at that stage so I had a strong interest and involvement with theatre already. I think that is what tugged me towards the Acting side of things, because I felt I wanted to really approach it on a professional level and educate myself fully in the craft. It is something that has always been a part of my life. 

I understand you earned BA in Performance at the Dublin Institute of Technology, which was recently named the “Best Institute” by the Sunday Times. Can you share your experience about your college productions?

Yes, I just completed my degree at DIT and it really is the “Best Institute”! We did a performance in out first year called “Love, Lust and the Lack of it” and it was a cast of I think about 23 of us, which is a huge number to have in a class. It was directed by one of our lecturers Susie Kennedy and was great fun to do. We also did a performance of “Macbeth” in second year and because of the huge number in the class, different people played the characters in each scene. In my scene I played Lady Macbeth. That was directed by Miriam O’ Meara, another lecturer in the course and it was very challenging. Miriam trained us in the language of Shakespeare and prepared us for the challenging performance. We then, in third year, which was the final year, devised our own pieces in a show called “Attempts On Our Lives” and that was Grotowski based work, which was directed by Peter McDermott, again another lecturer in the college. I really enjoyed this performance as we were divided into small groups and each group devised and directed their own piece. Ours was called “Pursuit of Perfection” and dealt with the lengths people go to in the hopes of achieving  perfection, whether it be cosmetically, business related or otherwise. These pieces were quite abstract and used music and choreography also. Our final year production was “The Arabian Nights” and it was held in a professional theatre in the Dublin’s city centre, The Project Theatre. It was also directed by Susie Kennedy and was a complete success, the costumes were beautiful and the set was magical. It was a performance I really enjoyed doing for the last time with my class. 

What kinds of acting jobs were you getting? What about your future plans?

The acting jobs I was getting before I started the course were in my local theatre to start off with and then in my second last year of school I was cast in a production of Bertolt Brecht’s “The Caucasian Chalkcirlcle” by the National Association of Youth Drama, which took place in the Peacock Theatre in Dublin which is a professional theatre, then the following year I was cast in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream” in which I bagged one of the leading roles “Puck” and this was in the same theatre. Once I started college, we were advised to concentrate on the work being done there and to seek professional work once we had graduated as the course was a full time hands on course with very disciplined classes and attendance rules. Needless to say, I followed their advice and we were so busy that we couldn’t have taken on anything outside of college. My future plans, thats a hard one to predict as an actor but right now I do have a couple of things in the pipeline which aren’t 100% certain yet. It looks like Los Angeles is on the horizon in the next couple of months and hopefully things work out there and I can start to create a place for my name in the industry. Also on the cards in the future is London where I hope to do the same thing. It’s really about following my passion and wherever that takes me, I’m willing to go. I think it takes a certain type of person to pursue this type of career and I think I am cut out for it, nothing else will satisfy me! 

What is a typical working day for Minnie Phipps?

Wow, I dont really know, it keeps changing, right now I am in the process of moving and trying to get different things in order so I guess apart from that my day will definitely include drinking lots of tea and spending time with family and friends. I am also a huge movie buff, so I will probably finish off a day with a great movie! Nothing in my life is concrete at this moment in time so there’s nothing typical about my days yet but hopefully soon I will be in a place where I have something to work on and no time to waste! 

Would you like to add something, Minnie?

Just a thank you to OpenBeast for having me and hopefully talk again soon! 

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You can catch Minnie Phipps in action at this demo reel (, which is a compilation of three short movie scenes.